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    ULTIMA PHARMA - The new PREMIUM brand on OSGear!

    I've been keeping an eye out for reviews in these guys to so far no one has said anything good or bad on these guys I googled them and the trust pilot reviews weren't looking to good but I wouldn't go off that only time will tell they haven't been here very long so reviews should come in soon if...
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    Bitcoin question

    Thanks brotha will do I was just trying to to avoid the wallet thing as I got locked out of my coinbase wallet without ever making a purchase and it screwed me on a few hundred bucks
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    Hello! New here.

    Welcome brotha I'm pretty new here to still but it's been a great forum so far lots of helpful people here
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    Bitcoin question

    Hey guys I was just wondering since they installed a Bitcoin atm down the street from my house would I be able to buy Bitcoin and just send it straight to a sources wallet and leave the hassle behind of transferring through multiple wallets not sure how the Bitcoin ATMs work just thought it...
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    Source Question

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right section but anyways my older brother just got his $700 order in from a company called it's alpha pharma gear just wondering if anyone knows if it's a legit source or if I should tell big bro I think he might have got some bunk shit...
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    Coinbase is bull****

    Do any sources accept zelle or anything similar as a payment option coinbase locked me out of my account and I never even got to buy anything with it just bought Bitcoin then got locked out and can't use em
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    New Roids

    New Roids is a bit pricey but great products from what I've tried I've used their Rad 140 and MK677 and was amazed at the difference I felt then when I tried purerawz newroids blew them away but like I said before they are kinda high on price but you get what you pay for
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    Has anyone ever heard of these guys a guy at the gym told me to look em up but he looks like he doesn't train often checked out the site but the prices seem to good to be true for a domestic source
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    Anyone ever used PSL on here I'm thinking of trying them out since they take Western Union online just seeing if anyone has any feedback thanks in advance guys
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    First test cycle question

    Thanks for replying I really appreciate it I'll definitely look into Dylan's pct plan as of 3 weeks ago my bf was around 10%
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    First test cycle question

    Hi guys been reading these forums for awhile now and thought I'd finally ask for some input from some people with more knowledge than me. I'm 5'11" and weigh 150 lbs 35 years old I've done gymnastics and calasthenics for over 15 years now I've run 3 sarm cycles consisting of rad 140 and mk677...
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