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    Pharma Lady : Hands Down Best in the Business

    She is the best in the buisiness.
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    Question about IGF-1

    I just thought I would say thanks for your time.I would like to start running this peptide.If it comes in a 10ml vial at 1mg.Does bacteristic water need to be added.When is the appropriate time to pin it.Can you pin it like hgh right in the stomach or specific muscle areas.How long would you...
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    Foods for bulking

    Ive been bulking for 2 years now.I went from 175lbs to a steady 210 lbs now.I eat anything from peanut butter on hot dogs to oatmeal every morning.Usually I boil chicken breast and white rice.Cook hamburgers a lot with potatoes.Now deer season is coming in.I make about 8 sticks of deer...
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    Anadrol/Deca Test cycle advice

    Hey bro that is a nice setup.You will be very pleased with the results.Remember eat big get big while you are on them.I ran that cycle myself and gained 25lbs and kept it all along with a few extra things.Good luck
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    Trestolone review Pharma Lady

    Great info.
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    Trestolone review Pharma Lady

    Hello,Pharma lady great products.
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    Pharma Lady arrived! Happy

    I had about the same story as you my man.But I kept my head up and bam my package needed picked up.She is an awesome person to deal with.
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    Thoughts on test prop as kick start

    A lot of people always use an oral like dbol or anadrol,etc. as a kick starter.Just a thought.
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    Dylan Gemelli YouTube Channel Links

    Thanks Dylan your videos are always awesome and very understanding.Much respect for you my man.
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    Hi yall!!!

    Welcome to the great ISARMS.
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    Express Domestic Touchdown

    That's great.Will be ordering soon and I'll have blood test results for your products.I've had a few other sites tested and they were gtg.
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    Sorry they are 25mgs so I figure every other day.
  13. P anyone use them for syringe and needles?

    Ive ordered from directline medical a few times with no problems at all.
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    Thats awesome dylan.Thanks for taking the time to set me up.A quick question I have 50-50mg aromasin orals would it be good to take 1 every other day.
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    Thanks guys it means a lot to me.I dont do pct after Im on TRT therapy.Usually 1cc every week of test cyp.
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    Can you PM me a good bulking cyle with test eq and decaIt would be much appreciated.
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    Dylan you are exactly right brother.I try for 10-15 lbs of lean muscle while losing some fat.I even did calves today for the first time in a long time.My calves measure 17" around which isnt bad.They should respond well to lifting with them since its been over a year.You guys on here is like...
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    My main goal is to get to 240lbs by june 2016.Then cut off all the body fat 2 months before that.Thanks
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    I like decca dont get me wrong.Im still going to use it just going to switch it with eq.Every now and then.Thanks
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