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  1. JayMelt

    How much testosterone do you actually need?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I have used 400-500/week in the past, but now realize that what I had was severely underdosed. I got some real deal Test in several weeks ago and definitely had to dial it down by 40% after about five weeks in and even pinning every 5 days instead of 3.5 days(Monday evening and Friday Morning)...
  2. JayMelt

    Has anyone tried Platinum Biotech Test E Depot 250?

    Good Choice. On the same myself and LOVE it!
  3. JayMelt

    Pharma Lady - Great Service (pics)

    Great service. Very responsive to questions. Got this within 2 weeks of placing order(delivered to US): Shout out to ccbram for the assistance with my questions too!
  4. JayMelt

    How is my PCT?

    Stats: 41 y/o, 5'11, 210, 12% bf and been lifting for more than a decade. Currently 30+ days off of 45 day MK2866 and Cardarine cycle. Haven't done injectable steroids in over 5 years and only three cycles back then( Test only, Test+tren and Test+tren were the three cycles). I want to run...
  5. JayMelt

    Ejaculation while on a cycle?

    I was as big, lean and strong as I have ever been, on-cycle, fucking anything that moved, straight slaying vaginas. Feels good, man.
  6. JayMelt

    Intermittent fasting facts and fiction explained: by RickRock

    Thanks for this nugget of wisdom and the science to back it up. Bravo.
  7. JayMelt

    Best time to take BCAA’s

    All day you may. RIP Rich.
  8. JayMelt

    Gym Pet Peeves

    There's a couple that come in a lot that reek of booty and curry. I avoid them for the most part when they're here, but one day it seemed like they were following me around on a leg circuit. I was about 5 seconds away from letting the man know his odor is an assault on all things moral and...
  9. JayMelt

    NEWBIE HERE Tell it to me straight

    If just 20 lbs is your goal, maybe a good Sarm cycle or 2 would get you there with fewer side effects, more sustainable gains, etc.
  10. JayMelt

    Body fat and steroid use

    Very good. There's a huge Roy Nelson (huge arms tho) looking power lifter at one of my gyms and I swear he looks like his head is about to burst at any moment from high blood pressure. Dude gasps for air when just relaxing having a conversation on the couches up front. Can't be safe. Thanks...
  11. JayMelt

    Body fat and steroid use

    I have read on many forums where Veteran steroid users warn against those with body fat over 12% to not use steroids. I have also read forums based in other countries where most members are from the UK, and Europe in general, say that is mainly Americans talking out of their asses and that 20%...
  12. JayMelt

    Announcing our THREE newest moderators... Dangans, Cbbram and Carmel Cowboy

    Congrats, guys! cbbram has a lot of great insight and I always look forward to his contributions and helpful knowledge.
  13. JayMelt

    Blood Test Catch-All for PED users

    Awesome, thanks! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  14. JayMelt


    Good to know! Thanks for the heads up. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  15. JayMelt


    I thought phen was banned after causing heart valve problems??
  16. JayMelt

    More and More US Domestic Steroid Busts: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Damn! Sure, bust up companies where a majority of users are both health conscious and care about what goes into our bodies, but let BIG PHARMA sell 12.8 million opiate pills in small West Virginia towns with 3,100 people. 'Murrica!
  17. JayMelt

    Diet and Nutrition basics 101

    Good info! Thank you.
  18. JayMelt

    Blood Test Catch-All for PED users

    I am on the fence about whether to do a Sarms-only cycle in the near future or a Test E cycle. It has been 4 years since I ran a Test E and Tren A for 12 week cycle, but I did OCT and PCT properly and seemed to fare well thereafter. I basically want to add gains of 10-20lbs and lean out cut...
  19. JayMelt

    Test. Booster/DAA On SARMs

    Good info, bro. Too many BroPHDs on the web to ever get a straight answer on this, but you're the man with the knowledge. Thank you, sir!
  20. JayMelt

    MGP is Open

    Was planning a Sarms run for March/April/May...may just wait until end of summer and do something BIG instead!!!
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