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    Sarms at border

    Anyone had issues bringing sarms into the USA? Heading to Vegas from Canada today and not sure if I should just leave them at home and miss 3 days or any side if they were to check my pills?
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    CYCLE help

    lol wtf too young dude... don't think about PED till at least 30
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    Planning cycle

    Just finished cycle #2 of gear. And I’ve done about 5 of sarms prior
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    Cycle vs blast/cruise

    Yeah I’m seeing some other posts on here stating same thing. Answers my questions! Thanks everyone pct it is!
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    Cycle vs blast/cruise

    Hey guys, I’ve read some mixed reviews on this subject so thought I’d ask you experts. I’m coming off a 12 week cycle of test E @ 500mg per week and last 4 weeks @ 60mg per day of anavar. My intention is to run my standard pct then run a sarm bridge. I’ve been reading some reviews on just...
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    Planning cycle

    Sitting about 12%
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    Planning cycle

    I just ended a cycle of 500 mg per week of test e and last 4 weeks of anavar 60mg per day. Results were great. Running my pct soon then doing a sarm bridge cycle Dylan recommended. Once I’m done that I want to plan my next cycle to cut for a photo shoot in Feb. I leaned out a lot on this cycle...
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    Bridge cycle

    Thanks Dylan, I'm looking to maintain what I've gained on this cycle and continue to lean down for the next few months. Goal is for a photo shoot in February, so I was assuming MK2866 and S4 would be the ideal sarms to bridge with, but have not done a bridge before so possible I'm missing...
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    Bridge cycle

    Looking for advice on bridge cycle. Good idea or bad? Coming off 12 week cycle of 400 mg of test e per week and last 4 weeks with 60mg of anavar per day. Have my pct of clomid / Ostarine to run next. I’ve never bridged a cycle before but read sarms are a good idea to run after pct. coming off a...
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    Sarm with anavar

    Need a test base for anavar man.
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    S4 with test

    Curious if anyone has run S4 with a Test cycle. I can’t find much info on it, but curious if that would be an alternative in a cut cycle compared to stacking test with Var or Winny?
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    Test cycle to cut

    Looking to do another test cycle to cut. I've run a cycle before of 500mg per week of Test E. I've heard adding either Winstrol or Anavar will aid in a good shred. Which would you recommend adding to a Test cycle for a cut? I'm 6', 215 lbs, appx 18% BF, lifting for 7 years.
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    Test E Question

    How long after last injection does it typically take for Test E to not show up on a drug test if that drug test is testing for steroids? TIA
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    Sore balls on test

    I'm on week 4 of Test E 350 mg per week pinning twice a week. Was planning on adding DGA at week 11 as Dylan suggested. At the 2 week mark my balls started to ache. That's been going on for a week. My trainer said I should blast with HCG. I took 500 iu a week ago, did nothing then he suggested...
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    Time off

    I'm running a 12 week cycle of Test E 300mg every 6 days. After that and I run my PCT is it recommended to wait longer before starting another cycle or safe to jump back in once PCT is finished?
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    1st test injection

    Figured... Excited for when this actually kicks in then! haha
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    1st test injection

    Finally got my gear and took my first 250mg shot of Test E yesterday. Felt like a beast in the gym today. Is it possible I'm actually feeling the effects already? OR probably just a mental push? I thought it took at least a week to start feeling anything from it.
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    First test cycle

    Nope, but had to ask haha. Thanks bro
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    First test cycle

    One other question.. most threads say that running a SARM cycle of mk2866 requires a mini pct of clomid for 4 weeks. How does that fit into taking mk2866 with a pct from test? I see your explanation on why it helps keep the gains but wouldn’t that chance leaving you still suppressed after the...
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    First test cycle

    Thanks Dylan!
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