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  1. AsapSlim

    Best friend wants to commit suicide, HELP

    I wouldnt hesitate to call! Hey, lets say she wasnt serious and is pissed at you...still better to be safe than sorry bro.
  2. AsapSlim

    Anavar 1st cycle

    Does anavar qualify as "GEAR"?
  3. AsapSlim

    Test e Cycle

    Im thinking sarms
  4. AsapSlim

    Dylan! Got a bro who needs some serious PCT. need help buddy!

    I really really really hate the "my buddy" posts
  5. AsapSlim

    test and pct

    You may as well have no pct for what THAT is worth
  6. AsapSlim

    steroids help for 21 year old

    Dont feed the trolls
  7. AsapSlim

    First Cycle Question! (I'm Already Jacked) - PIC attached!

    Hey bro thanks for insulting us, i appreciate it! If it werent for you being so condescending and arrogant i would have never gotten my lazy aas abusing ass up off the couch and in the gym. To hell with personal trainers, my health, my doctor, kids, etc etc trying to motivate me. It was seeing...
  8. AsapSlim

    High AST (SGOT) ALT (SGPT)

    Id go see a doctor, not something you want to play around with.
  9. AsapSlim

    2017 quick answers for noobs

    8) No you dont run hcg during pct 9) No you shouldnt run more than 1 compound (test) on your first cycle
  10. AsapSlim

    Need help, special circumstances

    I applaud you for wanting to get back in shape after such horrific events but with your situation being so delicate do you think its a good idea putting something in your body thats going to make you want to push your body to the max whilst knowing you could be severely injured "picking up a...
  11. AsapSlim

    new cycle help with pip

    PCP? Must be that rob zombie cycle LOL
  12. AsapSlim

    super bowl

    Not sure about the superbowl but im hoping for a cowboys vs seahawks nfc showdown, also i believe the chiefs have what it takes to stop the pats.
  13. AsapSlim

    cycles for steroids

    Your first cycle and you use masterone? please dont tell me you are like 15-17% bf
  14. AsapSlim

    Terms I hate: HARD GAINER and PLATEAU

    Idk bro! People who have no income nor motivation to obtain any would consider themselves a "hard earner" lol
  15. AsapSlim

    Today at the gym with son

    Hell of a workout bro, not for the faint of heart
  16. AsapSlim

    Dmz first timer

    You need to RUN to the nearest dumpster and toss it in! Will be the cheapest, most sufficient pct you have ever ran.
  17. AsapSlim

    Advice, Where to go from here. A struggle.

    At such high body fat you would not be an ideal candidate for steroids, you would probably spend more time battling side effects than you would working out in the gym.
  18. AsapSlim

    Gyno protocol?

    Did you use a AI during the cycle?
  19. AsapSlim

    Pre Workout

    what about mesomorph? i hear it has dmaa
  20. AsapSlim

    Aromasin during cycle AND PCT?

    You are missing gw and mk2866 from your pct! You need to control cortisol which will spike and put you in a catabolic state.
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