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    Glipizide and mk677

    Would like to ask if I am on gilipizide for blood sugar level control can I or should I take mk677 and be beneficial to my goals ? Thanks
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    pharmacom mix 3 pip

    Thanks it's a good product
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    pharmacom mix 3 pip

    Thanks for the info tazz I think I will order them separately next time so I have better control of my dosage.
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    pharmacom mix 3 pip

    Ok will do Thank you
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    pharmacom mix 3 pip

    Oh I forgot can I use primo instead of eq ? I got some of both.
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    pharmacom mix 3 pip

    Yes sir it's the high concentration mix. And I will mix it with eq on the next pin and report back to see if it's better. Thank you both for quick response I love this forum.
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    pharmacom mix 3 pip

    has any one experience pip when injecting pharmacom mix 3 ? i know the product is good because my aggression is way up and getting stronger every day, on my 4 week of 2 cc of the mix 3 per week with 50 mg of tbol everyday, just wondering please help if you have any experiences in this area.
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    If one takes tbol 5 days on 2 days off per week in order to allow liver a bit of reco

    I am glad I see this so I can correct my tbol dosage Thanks guys
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    Tren Enanthate 10 or 12 weeks 400-500mg

    May I ask when on tren if I can't find any caber will proviron be of any help to combat potential side effects ? Thanks for your advice
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    New guy

    I am new here as well and looking forward to learning from everybody. Thank you