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    COVID-19 Effect

    Just live life without fear. I am a ER/ICU nurse in FL and have had Covid patients since the beginning. I test positive for covid 8 weeks ago and the worst thing was losing my taste.
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    Sleeping Aids

    This! Definitely see a Dr and get a CPAP.
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    Cialis for bodybuilding?

    I use 10mg EOD and have for the past 6 months. My wife enjoys it lol
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    Ended up being a Kidney stone. Went to the VA hospital and they took care of me. First time every having one and never what that again lol.
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    Well, I’m about to find out what is wrong. I woke up urinating blood and there were blood clots. Super painful! I’ve never experienced anything like this before.
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    I’m 37 yo, 195lbs, around 10% BF and have run multiple cycles and I am on TRT. I just came off a test/eq cycle that I ran for 16 weeks at 500/500 per week. I have a ton of cycle support; my medicine cabinet is like a pharmacy. So, this week I dropped back down to TRT levels and have felt...
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    Trusted Peptides source?

    Nice!!! I’m going to give them a try.
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    Trusted Peptides source?

    All of my orders have been legit from them. I order a lot from Pharma Lady too and they are definitely a one stop shop. I’ve tried a lot of the peptides at Blue Sky. My favorite combo is ipam and cjc. I also like their IGF1 LR3. I’ve tried their ghrp2, ghrp6 and hexarelin. I really didn’t...
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    Trusted Peptides source? My friends and I have bought a lot of peptides from this site. I prefer Ipam to ghrp6. Ghrp6 makes me extremely hungry and destroy my pantry lol.
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    I have had itching too from a test EQ cycle. It ended up going away a week after I firsted the cycle. It was difficult to deal with, nothing helped. I figured it was something in the carrier oil that I reacted to.
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    Can you run Cardarine indefinitely?

    No because you will desensitize to it. 16 on and 4 off
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    Looking for Cialis

    I was getting mine from here It’s a generic brand. However, I just got some from Pharma Lady and I took one on Friday, PL’s is a lot stronger. A whole pill is way too much lol. There have been times when I thought that I was going...
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    Cirque du Soleil

    Bro, that is an awesome opportunity. I use to handle the workers compensation claims for Cirq in Orlando.
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    Chasing Sarms with Soda

    Pretty much a waste to buy sarms but then drink soda, even diet soda. Diet and nutrition should be number 1 priority.
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    Eq and Test E

    Idk why the quad sucked lol. My friend and I are both RNs and use the quad all of the time in the hospital. It had the same effect in him with 1cc of test. Maybe because test and eq are much thicker due to the oils than typical medications.
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    Eq and Test E

    Wed and Sun is fine. It just depends on where you are injecting. I slam 3cc sometimes. I usually go for the upper outside quadrant of my ass “Dorsogluteal” even though that is no longer used in hospitals. During nursing school they told us a great IM site was the thigh. Lol, fuck that, I...
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    Eq and Test E

    Second dga organ st! After I started running dga even my blood pressure has been great. I have been blasting 500mg a week of test cyp for the past 10 weeks and my BP is consistently 130/78 which is great for me.
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    Eq and Test E I get all of my needles from the above website. I would start out with 600mg of eq per week.
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    MGP is Open

    Hell yea!!! Can’t wait to place an order.