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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

    Did they ever go further into investigation? Like getting your IP address from tracking, emails, etc.?
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    What?s with the hold up?

    Yes I am aware. The thing is other international orders have come thru
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    Turning Purple

    S23 Put me in the hospital After about a week of S23, I started experiencing nausea, vomiting, high body temp, constant sweating, and chest pains. My blood pressure skyrocketed. This stuff is no joke, comparable (if not worse) than tren sides. Just a heads up on bro?s thinking that just because...
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    What?s with the hold up?

    Possibility of arrest? Dear God, 3 months in customs with no update, no letter. Anyone with a decent head on their shoulders would be worried. Call it paranoia, but I think it?s very reasonable to be concerned about this. Is anyone else having issues with customs? Wouldn?t think a few bottles...
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    Customs Seizure Letter

    Did your letter ever come in?
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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

    Can?t they check IP address through tracking?
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    Stuck in Customs COVID

    Lmao, wouldn?t doubt it. But for real, have you had any issues with LEO ordering international?
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    Stuck in Customs COVID

    Went ahead and ordered a few vials from regular domestic SRC just to find out that they are no longer domestic after order was shipped. Pack has been sitting in customs for 30 days, not sure if this is due to the current pandemic, or it has been seized/investigated. Tracking says ?processed...
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    Lipid Panel Results

    been cruising at 300mg test/wk for the past 3 months, following a 700 test and S23 cycle. End of cycle: LDL 140, HDL 13 3 months of 300mg cruise: LDL 98 HDL 40 These numbers are BORDERLINE in range. Not sure if this dose is sustainable, and if my lipids will continue to improve over time at...