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    Another Ostarine Opinion/Experience Thread

    It looks like OstaMuscle is being discontinued at EA. Does anyone have personal experience with this SARM? Alot of people discourage the use of pill form SARMs as they are more difficult for use in animal testing, but is it more dangerous as well? Some people say they have positive experiences...
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    Alcohol Drug Testing and SARM Use

    That is reassuring, still it doesn't hurt to hear any others firsthand experience. Thanks for your reply, OllieRBC.
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    Alcohol Drug Testing and SARM Use

    Hi all, I just registered a new account and this is my first post but SWIM has a legit question he was unable to find in his search. If anyone is experienced in this situation he appreciates the input. Someone I met gets random urine drug screens and wants to try MK-667. The random drug...