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    Blood Results - Next steps?

    Hey Dylan - Cheers man. Are there any alternatives to Organ ST? I can't get it in Australia from what I can see. Got the SARMS off a guy I've bought a lot from before. Never did any bloods, so not sure if they were any good, but the results I got were alright. I dare say it was the SARMS that...
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    Blood Results - Next steps?

    Hey guys, I recently got my bloods back and am wondering what I can do to get them back to optimal levels or if this is just the nature of the beast of steroids. I am now 6 weeks in to a lower-dosage cycle, which I want to run until December (~22 weeks), with the goal being to re-comp for...
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    Post Cycle Therapy 101: By Dylan Gemelli

    Hey Dylan, thanks for your awesome advice. With regards to starting the PCT, my assumption is to start the Clomid, Nolva and choice of AI 2 weeks after the last jab. Would it be wise to start the ostarine and cardarine at the same time, or commence these when you do your last injection. If so...