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    HCG advice for new cycle + "polisher"-steroid + proviron in PCT-tabs?

    Hi Dylan and everyone Last year I did my first inject cycle test-e only (which went great btw). Therefore big thanks for the advice and very usefull video's all year round on YT. Now I was planning to do a second cycle, but this time stacked with primobolan. This is what I was planning to do...
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    HCG advice

    Hi Dylan and everyone I'm about to start my cycle and I had a question about the HCG I'm gonna have to use during. First some info: Age: 32 Height: 1m80 or 5' 11" Weight: 94kg or 207 pounds Fat: 12% (recently measured) Training for about 12-13 years. If you need to know more, feel free to...