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    Post-Injection welts

    Issues resolved; thanks, everyone. I switch to 25g needles and bigger syringes so now its just one shot instead of 2. Also, I have stayed the f away from my quads...never again.
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    Post-Injection welts

    It's a well-respected, highly recommended source here (I don;t want to put them on blast b/c I don't think there is an issue with their product per se, and certainly not their integrity). If it's carrier oil, I may just have to stop the cycle I guess. Would increasing pinning frequency, and...
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    Post-Injection welts

    I have been using a 23G, but am switching to a 25g. it's 200mg/ml primo, so I expected a little PIP, but not 2 week welts. I am also rotating sites and getting welts everywhere. Also, I am sure you get this all the time, but I really appreciate everything you do here, on youtube, etc. You also...
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    Post-Injection welts

    I am running a 300/600 Test/Primo cycle. I am pinning .6 mL test and 1.5 mL primo twice a week. I am getting massive, hard lumps or welts at the injection site that last for 2 weeks+. I have never had this happen before. Does anyone have any recommendation on how to address this or what might be...
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    Tracing side effects from Primo/Test/EQ

    I can already hear responses like "there's no way to tell," but any wild-ass guesses are appreciated. . . I am finishing a Primo/EQ/Test cycle. I have run test only cycles before with no mood-related side effects. This time, I felt great during the cycle. I stopped primo a week and a half ago...
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    Time on TRT before next cycle (or, time between blasts)

    I am finishing a 12 week 400 test/300 eq/450 primo cycle in a couple weeks. My plan is to go cold turkey for two weeks to bring serum levels down to TRT levels, then start 150/wk test as my normal trt dose. I am going to start my cut, and want to run test ~300/wk and proviron 50mg ed for 14...