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    Napsgear Product of the Week : Enantat 250 (Dragon Pharma) 50% Off Now!

    Napsgear coming in hot on this one 🔥
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    Dylan has a great video on this.
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    Video SARMS VS Steroids: Keeping Gains... A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Quality information always
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    Test with deca 1st cycle

    Yeah that is who I learned and still learn the majority of my stuff from other then my own individual reading on compounds etc. Dylan is the man for sure, him and all the vets are great people and offer so much knowledge and help for the community.
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    Test with deca 1st cycle

    Yeah definitely look into Tbol for a substitute then. if you look up PE Fitness on YouTube that is Dylans channel and he has amd excellent video on Tbol I recommend watching that and then decide if you think it is right for you. Tbol doesn't get the credit it deserves and can absolutely be...
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    Test with deca 1st cycle

    Tbol could definitely add clean size I like that inplace of decca because you don't have to worry about estrogen or water weight, over time you could see some quality size gains. If you want lean mass no bloat or water decca isn't what you want .
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    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on June 03, 2023...!

    Napsgear A + legitimate always 💪
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    Test with deca 1st cycle

    You got to make a decision and stick with it if you intake alot of salt and toss decca into the mix you are going to blow up pile a balloon with water weight. Now you want to add anavar in ? Anavar is good for strength gains and cutting if you are running test and decca anavar makes no sense...
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    Adding Oral tren to TRT

    Thats odd you didn't get results because I certainly got results when I ran two stacks from S4S my endurance went through the roof with GW and SR fat loss was awesome.
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    Cycle advice

    I wouldn't rub anything close to these doses you got a family to think about and care for. Less is more that is the move here.
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    The Importance of bloodwork when using steroids or PED's: By Dylan Gemelli

    Quality information always
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    Test with deca 1st cycle

    Guys covered it
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    Next Cycle Log

    Tren is a big undertaking just make sure your head is in a good place before you run it.
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    Recomp/muscle gain cycle advice

    Fantastic progress 👏 💪