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    Methandriol Dipropionate questions

    Lol. Ya I'm pretty estrogen sensitive skin probably gonna pass on it. I got a few buddy's who wanna try it so I will let them try it and have them update me weekly on results. I will post there opinions and results after they run it. Thanx for the feedback fellas.
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    when i was 19 all i had to do was eat alot, lift heavy, rest and then repeat this cycle. Take all the advice you got here and stay away from the hgh
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    Tren Acne

    I dont run tren any more but it gave me acne and i drank more water then i normally did and it helped clear up the acne. And my boy gets acne everytime he starts a tren cycle and then it clears up in a few weeks.
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    Methandriol Dipropionate questions

    Its been a while since i have been on the forum and posted anything. Just had a very busy work schedule. but im glad i have time to come back on. Now i have been home brewing for almost 4 years now with alot of progress. blood work has come back great on all my test products and people love my...
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    injectable superdrol?

    I'm starting to feel the same way.
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    injectable superdrol?

    I will give the t-bol and the sarms a chance and see what happens. Thanks again for the advice.
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    injectable superdrol?

    What about oral tren? Probably just as liver toxic as superdrol. I'm looking for a new oral, something besides dbol and Anadrol. I have never tried t-bol, in your opinion is it something worth looking into for a lean bulk. My raw source carries it I just don't have any demands for it from my...
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    injectable superdrol?

    So it's still gonna be toxic for the liver. Thanks for the feed back. Think I will just steer clear from it all together. I love the gains it produces but it is just way to nasty on the liver.
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    injectable superdrol?

    Thank you for the replies. Superdrol does have some nasty sides. It's probably the most liver toxic product out there. But injectable would at least get past the liver toxicity problem.
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    injectable superdrol?

    I was wondering if anyone has brewed up some injectable superdrol. A few people told me it can't be done but others have told me a few ugls carry it. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Any of you guys able to test a possible vial of GH for me?

    I didn't get blood work done on the hgh that didnt get cloudy.
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    Any of you guys able to test a possible vial of GH for me?

    Someone told me that you can do a boil test. Put the BAC water in the hgh vial like you were gonna use it and boil it in a pot of boiling water. Let it boil for 10 to 15 mins and if it thickens up and gets cloudy it's real. I did this with two different brands of hgh. The one brand didn't get...
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    Needles in IL?

    Ebay has a lot of syringes as well. Very good prices as well
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    hgh blood work results

    Well gmoneypro looks like we aren't gonna get much input from others. Thanx ob2 for the input, I really appreciate it. At least me and you will get really good hgh for a super cheap price.
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    contest winner

    I was one of the contest winners that won the mr Olympia Asia jacket and pants. I got it a couple weeks ago and I said I was gonna post a pic and never did. Life has been so stressful lately and I haven't had any free time. So I wanted to apologize for not doing so. I'm writing this post to just...
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    hgh blood work results

    A friend of mine who is on this forum had surgery and I got him some hgh from my powder source so he could heal faster. Just wanted some opinions on the results. He took 10ius before the test and hgh was 27 and igf was 356. From what I can gather these are some good numbers especially since its...
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    New product TRES-50 (Trestolone Acetate) Pharma Lady

    Any other feedback yet? Was really looking forward to hearing reviews on this product.
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    SUperdrol vs masteron

    I have used both and they are completely different results and side effects. Masteron makes your muscles much harder and vascular if your body fat is low enough. It doesn't do much for size gains. Superdrol is very good for lean muscle gains. In my opinion it's the strongest oral and gives...
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    hgh blood work protocol

    Getting blood work done on some hgh from my source. What's the best protocol for dosing before the blood test. I have heard 10ius about 2 hours before the blood test is way to go. Anyone with experience please post.
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    Taking Juice while on pain killers..

    I feel the same way you do bro.