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  1. RoboGainz

    TRT Dose and AI

    Hello all. question regarding my TRT protocol and more so just general advice. I understand everyone is different however looking for advice on my AI timing and general dosage My second to last lab test i was taking- 200mg Test Cyp, all in one shot every sunday Arimidex @ 1mg each week, 0.5mg...
  2. RoboGainz

    Dr. Called.......blood bad.

    If you care to share, what were your lab results for kidneys?
  3. RoboGainz

    Starting low dose tren e

    Looking to start a low dose of 200mg Tren E cycle for 10 weeks with my TRT to recomp a bit. Wanted to get additional opinions prior to starting or continuing to wait. Just had blood work done, the things that were out of range Hemoglobin 18.2 Range 13.2-18.0 BUN 26 Range 6-20...
  4. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    what brand tren did you get? glad your liking it. Im thinking of running Masteron E and Winny or Var for my cut in the summer. I love tren in the aspect it gets everything done so well that you desire. When im at the gym i have the mindset of thinking im going to run it again, but when at home i...
  5. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    finally got my order of tbol and the var in. Greg was super fast in TA. Sent me tracking number like 10 hours later. Friendly guy as well. Excited to try the products and report back
  6. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    ordered the ZPHC Tbol and balkan anavar for my lady. Im planning 6 weeks @ 50mg. For her 5mg for 7 weeks, it will be her first cycle! Will report back on how we both like the products
  7. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    ok thank you Dylan
  8. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    Thanks man. just looking for simplest way. buy the bitcoin with a debit card, and send the necessary donation. none of this BS verification crap or issues adding cash. Once i read Dylans comment i immediately sold my BTC amount and cashed out. i lost like $8 but oh well
  9. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    Do you use coinbase as well? glad its not just me. it shouldnt be this difficult and Cash app support is a joke! Will let you know on the var if i can even get this done. Greg has been cool about me emailing him as well
  10. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    great. Trying to get an order through for some Tbol. starting small to see how i like it and will go from there. This cashapp thing though, what a pain in the ass. Eventually was able to add cash and buy BTC. had to email cash app support to verify my drivers license as the scanner does not...
  11. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    great packaging. ive used Alpha pharma and ZPHC which are great. Tasty TD
  12. RoboGainz reviews and special offers

    Domestic supply been catching my eye for a bit. My friend runs a compounding pharmacy so technically i get everything through him but his orals are super pricey. I know that domestic supply seperated from the ex manager a few years back and things were weird, people didnt know who to trust...
  13. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    So i just bit the bullet, called my aunt who is a PA and sent her the pics she told me i needed to go back to the hospital so i decided to go back a couple hours ago. The PA demanded the stitches needed to come out otherwise i would risk them staying in my skin for ever and having skin grow over...
  14. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    Day 13 (sorry not trying to gross anyone out). I probably need to get them out within the next day or two but questioning if they are ready. I know the hospital could give me a better response but im not going back due to extra cost and probably waiting 4 hours just to be looked at.
  15. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    good advice!
  16. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    any recommendations to maintain muscle and fullness Im on TRT and trying to eat clean
  17. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    likewise, planning a nice test cycle to help gain some fullness and muscle back that i may lose over the time. Just in two weeks time i look much softer, its killing me
  18. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    I was thinking safely 3 weeks would be good. I did not need surgery thankfully
  19. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    The blood is dried up around it, i have pretty good mobility now just cannot bend my elbow fully yet. Hard to tell if the wound is fully sealed or not
  20. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    Been awhile since ive been on here, Had a bad accident with a glass mirror that cut me down my arm just below my tricep that needed 11 stitches. So far ive been out of the gym completely besides a couple minor cardio days. No tendons or muscles were hit just skin fortunately enough. The doc...