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    Cycle advice

    I haven't used yk-11, but I have heard it is pretty harsh. Mk2866 at 25mg/day would also fit in there nicely instead of the Yk-11. Also because you are a higher fella some the healing aspects of MK on the joints may be something you really benefit from.
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    Cycle advice

    Cardarine at 20mg per day and some HIIT and HICT will lean you out fast. Barbell Complexes, Burpees, and Skipping will have you looking lean and mean.
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    When to start PCT with Sustanon 250

    I was planning on two weeks after last Injection, but then read something, and someone was saying 3 wks, so I wanted to double-check here. I am also in my 3rd week of pinning, and have everything for PCT on hand. Proviron to keep libido up. I have tested Proviron and Clomid together in th past...
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    When to start PCT with Sustanon 250

    I am doing my first cycle of sust 250; when do. I start my PCT? *I didn't start to notice anything until day 16* 10wks: .5ml (125mg) Mon & Thurs .5tab Aromasin Mon & Thursday *Admittedly I am treading very lightly to start* PCT: Clo: 100/100/50/50 Nova: 40/40/20/20 Proviron 25mg am & pm for...
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    DGA PCT dosage time

    Thanks bros
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    DGA PCT dosage time

    Just received the DGA PCT in the mail and I looking forward to using it as a standalone product after finishing some Laxogenin. On the bottle it says take with food but that is it. I have used different test boosters in the past that worked well but wanted to show my support to DGA for the all...
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    Front Loading PEDs

    I appreciate the reality. Maybe I just get Placebo Effect from it because he thinks he has extra help; in this situation, I will take whatever I can get.
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    Front Loading PEDs

    RickRock, Like I said, not an ideal situation. The goal is to get him the effect of a bit more T in his system if nothing else for the Psychological effects. With the situation I am going into with him, I need all of the help I can get. In myself and others I have seen, and heard of faster...
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    Front Loading PEDs

    Coach, are you speaking specifically about the RAD140? or the GW and SR as well?
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    Front Loading PEDs

    My question is about front loading, and the time to effect of PEDs as it applies for fighting: The situation is I was asked to corner a guy for his MMA fight that he took on short notice. Due to this notice I will get access to him about 12hrs prior to his fight. In that 12hrs I need to prep...
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    The RAD140 Exclamation point

    Thanks coach. I am going to Run SR9009 at 40mg/day next. Then the plan is to try running a lower dose of S4 with the RAD Exclamation. I didn't feel like S4 was worth it last time due to the vision issues, but perhaps I can get better results and less sides with this methods. I will also try it...
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    The RAD140 Exclamation point

    At the risk of catching flak for deviating from the common methods here... After doing some research I decided to try an experiment, and the results have been the best so far. The current Stack being tested is: Mk2866: 25mg/ day Rad140: 10mg/ every 2nd day, (5mg per day effectively) Magnum...
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    Next cycle LGD, MK677, GW?

    I like Osterine better than S4. Gw is a game changer.
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    I prefer to train Fasted. It is typically the first thing I do in the day, this includes Strength, HIIT, and Steady. I will then eat after. I find I am stronger, faster, and more explosive when fasted. This could be individual though. Mobility Days 1-5 Single lift: Heavy Weight Low Rep (1-3 per...
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    GF Sarm Cycle?

    GW501516 is a great place. If she was using that, and doing some HIIT, Crossfit, or Kettle Bell classes could see some really good results from just that. MK2866 could also be added.
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    Yes you can, and there is no need for a PCT because it isn't suppressive. It is suggested to cycle off of it every 16 weeks or so, for weeks. I would use GW501516 as the base of any stack or cycle. It is also fine on its own if you goal is straight endurance. You won't feel wired like you are...
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    Martial arts sarms and peptides question

    I like GW501516 so much that I will use it as the base of all my stacks. Even on its own, it is fantastic. I am using Gw/S4 now. I will not use S4 again, the vision sides aren't worth it for me. But admittedly, BJJ is much more of a feel game, than a sight game. I would suggest...
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    Cardarine alone - is this enough?

    I used Just Cardarine for a few months. I was coming off the Healing Stack, was heading to Mexico for training. I decided to extend My GW501516 to 2 months total including PCT. I was very happy with the increased rate of Sport Specific Adaptation, and was able to shed all of the extra Weight I...
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    s4 and Cardarine

    HIIT, Body weight training, Kettle Bells, Barbell complexes, and crossfit will all work well with that stack. I would suggest buying a program or finding one that is 12 weeks, and run it three times through. First without, then with, then while on PCT and the 8 weeks without. It will Let you...
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    SR9009 PCT/Finisher

    Has anyone used SR9009 in PCT or as a finisher? I ask because from what I have read here about SR9009 it is: -Fast Acting -No Suppression -Can take you to that next level -Is very expensive I am suggesting a scenario where you have 1200mg of SR9009 with 3 different options: Shorter but more...