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    First steroid cycle - A few viable options

    Awesome to see you put stuff out to help. But I have to ask, why do people still push the whole 500mg/wk of test to newbies for their first cycle? I'm not trying to be argumentative, but an honest question. Are there studies that say 500mg is the perfect sweet spot or something? Do studies say a...
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    Lgd 3303 vs Lgd 4033

    Sorry, pushed wrong button and don't know how to edit. As I was saying, outside of this forum, seems like the consensus is that 3303 is typically "faked" and it's actually 4033 in lieu of 3303. Just would like to get more information about the difference between 3303 and 4033 when taking one...
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    Lgd 3303 vs Lgd 4033

    Is there a clear way of knowing if you are taking lgd 3303 vs lgd 4033? I know people say 3303 is more of a dry look and 4033 is more of a water weight "wet" look. However, is it that noticable of a difference to know what you are taking is 3303 instead of 4033 or vice versa? Are there other...
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    My 2023 cycle.

    Do you need that much AI from 250-350/wk of test? And if you've done cycles before, wouldn't you have dialed in when to start taking the AI's? What did you do for your last cycle?
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    1st Cycle Question

    What's the goal of the cycle? Cutting? Bulking? Recomp?