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    Well Well Well lets see if Nate Diaz was surprised about you're Bloods
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    Bring back Roids24!!

    Just got the last word in on this matter from my Man,,,,, JP I HAVE TO SAY now 100% YOU"RE GOOD TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! I have no problems with Roids24 But I do have to say this I'm here for the knowledge I can gain from this Forum That's why I'm here and not some other forum giving out bullshit. David
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    Bring back Roids24!!

    Thank you Angelo ,,,,,I'm here to learn if I don't know or have a ???????????? I'm going to say HAY Trust me I have been on line for hrs looking.......I have one more bodybuilder to get back with me....... He has been in the game at the age of 15 and now is 64 lives on the east cost and he is...
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    Vermoje labs any good??

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    Bring back Roids24!!

    You know that looks very very impressive If I was trying to get a Carbon Tax or a Global Warming Effects That,s Bro Science Look I had blood work with just Sust 250mg a week and if I x that buy 3 ,,,,,,,I would say his gear is underdosed So if you say Bring back Roids24!,,,I say no...
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    Bring back Roids24!!

    Yes you're right ,,,,I did stop following it .........Thank you........ I'm going back to read up..........
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    Bring back Roids24!!

    Did you pull this # out of the air which breaks down to an actual 166,,,,,,, how did you come up with this formula??????
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    needle size question

    Who's brand are you injecting with LOL a little late on this
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    needle size question

    Check this out Joe I draw with a 18g and then pin with 27g “Standard Needle Lengths for Injection” Glutes: 1-1.5 inch. Delts: 1 inch. Quads: 1 inch (some individuals can use as small as a ½ inch needle when injecting into the quads, depending on how lean they are). Biceps: ½-1 inch...
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    Bring back Roids24!!

    I'm confused you had Blood work done????????????
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    Bring back Roids24!!

    I'm confused you had you're Primo LabMax and didn't make the cut??????????????
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  13. TIN MAN

    Fake vs geniun Primo

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    Water enhancers

    Crystal light Ingredients I'll keep drinking purified water
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    NEXT BLAST - starting 1/1/2017!!

    You may not make it to Mexico if you're thinking running Tren at 600mg ,,,,,,,
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    TRT Questions

    Sounds like you're Doc has you lined out with the standard protocol ,,,,,,I would go with 25g,,,,,
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    Why is the best performance enhancement site and forum: By Dylan Gemelli

    WHAT the hell is Fizzle Fucked Around,,,,,,,,LOL,,,,,,Like a Firecrackers with out the bang,,,,,,LOL,,,,, Is that's like saying my pumps feel like a bugs ass stretched around a rain barrel,,,,,,,,,Love you're videos
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    BGS and Pharma Lady TD

    The 2 sources are top of the line
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    Any experience with Euro-Pharma or puritysourcelab

    In the last year,,,,,, 3 sources on here should have fucked off so look around Bro if you have a sources that's g2g stay with them...
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    Is MGP really PHURIOUS or his ally

    I just would like to know WHY MGP started this Drama in the 1st place??????????