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    US Domestic TD

    Click manage attachments button and dwnload your file.
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    Recommended US based source for Ralox/Nolva please?

    Evista (Raloxifene) 50mg 28tabs per box We have original Evista in stock Buy Evista at
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    Which sources are actually legit? Also seizure letters

    US Domestic Supply Get you gear domestic, no risk of getting a seizure letter We have a great seclection of products at
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    Another Goes Down

    Gold Line aka D-Red, Hardcore Underground forum owner
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    International Shipping

    Domestic Supply Minimize your risks and order domestic. is at your service.
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    Test U

    Spectrum Nebido (Test Undecanoate) Spectrum Nebido is in stock
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    Oxandrolone cycle and enhancements

    Could you please explain what do you mean by 100ml of Test C per week? Maybe 100mg ? HCG is being measured in international units, IUs. 100ml of HCG, whats up with that?
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    ZPHC Testing.

    ZPHC Lab testing Actually Simec AG is based in Switzerland. Not Sweden These days ZPHC is a well known and reliable brand. If youre looking for ZPHC Anavar, Dbol, Winny, Testosterones and other products please check our web site:
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    US Domestic Source US Domestic source Check out our store:
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    US-Domestic Supply

    Late thank you for this post!
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    Bulk Buying bulk deals We offer bulk discount for almost every item we carry. Check out our bulk offers at
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    Crashed test cypionate

    Id suggest to microwave it for 1-2minutes. Its OK to use, just do it every time before injection because most likely it will crash again and again.
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    Primus Ray is solid. They make good products Check it out:
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    FURIOUS!! BS SOURCE. Price list

    Check it out:
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    Legit var We deliver DOMESTIC and MUCH faster than any international store :) Not to mention you dont have to worry about customs.
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    LOL Of course there are plenty of choices here :)
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    Legit var

    ZPHC Anavar
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    Real, Quality Anavar

    Brother I carry ZPHC Anavar, Alpha Pharma Anavar and Shree Venkatesh Anavar. And those are legit brands which contain exactly what label says. No dbol or winny :)
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    Absolutely correct, no one can prescribe trenbolone legally because there is no such a thing as pharmaceutical grade trenbolone.