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  1. gian

    Advice about a cycle

    I definitely think you should have more experience before you jump onto steroids bro... 2 years is nothing... if you really want to, you could try sarms... but I would honestly train hard naturally for a few more years before you use steroids
  2. gian

    Opinion clen

    Good lord... I would stay away from clen bro. If your bf % is >20%, you need cardio & diet. That’s it.
  3. gian

    Trenbolone and Test

    What are your full stats and experience? Tren is for advanced users bro.. is this your first cycle ?
  4. gian

    testolone Rad140

    Clomid 50/25/25/25 GW 20mg per day
  5. gian

    Winstrol and Anavar

    I would recommend to fire your trainer and stay well away from him. This is absurd and I can guarantee your will hurt yourself if you listen to him. You’re too young for steroids bro and you need a lot more research
  6. gian

    Rad 140 pct?

    Hey bro! I’m fine thanks... these last two weeks have been stressful because I’ve just moved house, so I didn’t have a lot of free time! How are you bro?
  7. gian

    New dude, Introduction.

    Welcome to isarms bro! It’s nice to have you
  8. gian

    Rad 140 pct?

    Clomid 50/25/25/25 GW 20mg per day
  9. gian

    questions about Clomid and trt

    You don’t usually “come off” TRT... it’s a lifelong commitment bro... it will probably take some time to get your levels back to normal.. you may want to try Dylan’s DGA Post ct
  10. gian

    Winstrol and Anavar Cycles

    How old are you? What are your stats? You never run oral only cycles... and please, don’t mess with clen... you don’t have a clue about what you’re doing man
  11. gian

    nutrobal mk677

    In my opinion, GW and ostarine would be more suitable for your goals ...
  12. gian

    Lazy and Psychic Questions will no longer be answered...

    I completely agree. Some people are just too damn lazy... they want people to do everything for them when it takes 5 seconds to look something up.... I'm shocked that there are so many lazy people that don’t educate themselves and don’t do proper research BEFORE putting a powerful substance into...
  13. gian

    Consuming SARMs

    Don’t mix it in water. Just send it right down
  14. gian

    TBOL, RAD, LGD combination PCT

    You always need a test base. You don’t run orals without test. What are your stats and experience ?
  15. gian

    my blood work after 5 weeks of rad140/30mg ED

    That’s strange bro.. real RAD doesn’t cause any kind of increase in estrogen or prolactin.. where did you get your “sarms” from? I would discontinue them if I were you
  16. gian

    Scared of gyno

    I’ve never heard of 677 causing gyno... sarms don’t convert to estrogen, so you shouldn’t have to worry ..
  17. gian

    sarms S4

    You don’t run anavar alone, you always need a test base bro... anyway, S4 peaks at weeks 7/8 but you should definitely start feeling it before then... have you experienced the vision side effects? Where did you get your sarms?
  18. gian

    I need some help with TRT

    You need to listen to your doctor bro... she will determine your dose through bloodwork. Some people only need 100mg per week to get in good range, while others may need up to 150/160mg... It depends on how you respond...
  19. gian

    Cycle advice

    Yes bro, you definitely want to run Aromasin during your cycle too ... you can start at 12.5mg eod and then adjust based on bloodwork