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  1. Brutus

    Are BPC-157 and TB-500 worth the price?

    Agree HGH is the only one that will actually work everything else is a waste of time and money
  2. Brutus

    Oral sarms?! Coach pushing me away from sarms

    Sounds to me you really need to read and educate yourself, no offense but you sound really clueless. You talked about using oral only steroids not a good idea unless you are going to use a test base or you are on TRT.
  3. Brutus

    5 months of gym progress one S4S cycle and start of my second cycle

    You should post ur stats beginning/ending etc
  4. Brutus

    The best SARMS in 2020

    Rad-150 best results
  5. Brutus

    Rad 140 5 MG?

    No, 5mg is a complete waste start at 10mg then can slowly increase to 20mg ED
  6. Brutus

    Test/Tren Cycle Review

    Looks good!
  7. Brutus

    Test/Tren Cycle Review

    Do you have any experience with tren e? if not I strongly recommend starting lower and working up. Tren is not to be fucked with.
  8. Brutus

    Light heart palpilations

    You are most likely not taking real sarms throw that shit in the trash and stop taking arimistane
  9. Brutus

    Small sarm cycle

    S4, S23, SR-9009 all great options but you should run them for 12 weeks to get the most benefits
  10. Brutus

    New Semi Quantitative Roid Test Results

    Decided to try and use the new Semi-Quantitative roid test for Nandrolone decanoate. Results show its Nandrolone but not sure about the concentration. The test is suppose to show an approximation for the concentration. Its suppose to be 350 mg/ml.
  11. Brutus

    1st day, wrong compound, advice?

    Where did you gets sarms from (a good site) doesn?t mean shit
  12. Brutus

    mild supression/ED on MK-677 + RAD140 cycle

    I guess you missed the advice that said start at 2.5 and work up to 5mg!
  13. Brutus

    mild supression/ED on MK-677 + RAD140 cycle

    sarms4you is a known scam site its complete shit.
  14. Brutus

    Opinion on this cycle?

    Where do they come up with this shit? Also ED injections with long esters makes zero sense (I know I know ?I want to keep my test levels steady?) fucking idiots
  15. Brutus

    Poll question for everyone: New Products to Add/ Peptides

    TB-500, BPC 157 and HcG, would be awesome There?s so much shit out there at least with you guys we would know it?s 100% Legit!
  16. Brutus

    Where to buy Sarms, Safest most reputable place

    Waste of time and money if you run less then 12weeks
  17. Brutus

    Help with Bloodwork results

    Insane,numbers look within normal limits, is this a TRT clinic?
  18. Brutus

    Question about mixing SARMS with DBol

    So you want to run an oral steroid without a test base, great idea Rad and LGD both suppress test levels then your going to take d-bol on top of that really smart idea. Please do some research and educate yourself on what you are doing. SARMS should be run for 12 week cycles to maximize the...
  19. Brutus

    Female Cycle

    Terrible idea, stick to sarms for her