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    Big thanks to @Tazz , I asked him a question about why my ankles looked like i was 9 months pregnant ( Very Swollen Ankles ) , I started taking IGF-1 LR3 & 2IU'S GH ) I hit him up on wikr & within a few Minutes we're having a conversation! As always TY for being available for your people...
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    Finastride or Minoxidil?

    Looking forward to these videos, id love to hear your knowledge on PRP Treatment, is hair loss just inevitable & Especially with taking gear, how much do family genetics depict the speed & rate one losses our hair,
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    Brad Pitt steroid cycle

    Lol, we could all look like him at 29, 39, heck even 59... we'd just need the same gear a man of that Calaber gets.
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    Whats the meal plan for my bros out there running Test, primo & Anavar. Does the diet change when Anavar is entered into the Mix? Would love to see & read more experienced "menus" from the Bros. @Buddhabuilder @Tazz
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    I'd like to see some diet rundowns , meal plans, etc... for Guys on the cycle of Champs. TEST, Primo & Var 😉💪 Would love to see a thread on Diet while running Test, Primo cycle. Maybe even the "Champion Tri-Fecta" adding the Anavar into the mix - What changes once the Var is added to the...
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    Video How to stack Testosterone, Primobolan and Anavar: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Felt Like i just got a Christmas present when this came up on YouTube, I'm on this exact cycle rite now & wanted to learn more about stacking the Anavar on it. Excellent Video
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    ⭐️1-Stop Domestic Shop⭐️ (Pinnacle Performance) - Customer Reviews

    Looking Jacked Bro! I also run 1sds gear, switched to @Tazz & THE TEAM from another source & have been a happy m'fker
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    ⭐️1-Stop Domestic Shop⭐️ (Pinnacle Performance) - Customer Reviews

    What does "fwiw" mean, or was that just a typo?