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  1. bwinn

    Package came through, but suspicious delivery?

    Your Fine Rip that shit open lol. My Mail Guy drives his Jeep to bring my mail.
  2. bwinn

    haaving problems ordering pure essence

    My Bad it was on monday when i ordered the 11th. Was just wondering, Guess I am just wanting to try it like yesterday lol.
  3. bwinn

    haaving problems ordering pure essence

    I Just Ordered GW on Tuesday, Cleared My Card yesterday, an on the pe site it still says it's Processing. It should have already been out the door.
  4. bwinn

    New ownership

    Glad to See my AR Peep's are Still here, :-). An Welcome to the IS Peeps,Just Sit back an Enjoy the Ride, Dylan an Rick an the Other Mods from AR are Very Helpful an Friend Guy's an GAL"S, So Don't Ever Be afraid to ask them Questions. An Can't wait to get to Know the IS People an Mods if there...
  5. bwinn

    Daddy's Back Sort Of

    Thanks Rick, Yea I started with you an Dylan at Elite, Then Needtobuild,An a Site I want Call out lol.I may have Issues for sure But Hell what family dosn't lol.Now to Figure out if I can get my Doc an PE to work together lol.
  6. bwinn

    just getting started on my first sarms cycle

    Here you go Red An Welcome to AR
  7. bwinn

    Daddy's Back Sort Of

    Hey Rick thanks for The Reply bro. Been with you an Dylan Since Elite so you 2 Carry a Little More Weight with me as far as Q&A Goes, I am 49 about to hit the big 50, 5'8 196 lbs,was 210 on Dec 23.Doc is a bit worried about the weight loss being so Quick but I told her Hell i needed to get it...
  8. bwinn

    Daddy's Back Sort Of

    Hey Gang thanks for the Replies, Means alot really. I have High Blood Pressure an High cholesterol. on Meds now 80mg for High cholesterol which Helped to make Plagues that blocked my coronary arteries. But Yea I will get better :-). Just a day by day step right now. Everyone in the Family...
  9. bwinn

    Daddy's Back Sort Of

    Thanks Bro. I will be fine in time. Can't rush this no matter how much I want to. I already feel like a Limp Noodle lol. Strength is gone to pot :-(. But at least I am here to Enjoy the New Year Right :-).
  10. bwinn

    Whats up brothers?

    Welcome to AR
  11. bwinn

    Daddy's Back Sort Of

    Hey Gang, I hope everyone had a Great Xmas an will have a Great New year. My Xmas was a Bit Ruff :-(. Spent it in the Hospital. I had a Heart Attack an had to have 3 stents put in, :-(. Doc has put me on meds that BITE lol. Weight has gone from 210 to 195 since last tuesday the 23.So No More...
  12. bwinn

    Where to buy epistane after the ban?

    Thanks for the Help JackSteel. I thought it was but wanted to make sure,
  13. bwinn

    Where to buy epistane after the ban?

    Hey gang, Trying to figure this out, Do the Brit's use British Pound Sterling or the Euro ? No Disrespect to any of Our British Family.Would just be a Change in the price on JW from one to the other an wanting to make sure :-)
  14. bwinn

    Where is everyone from

    Living in Lexington NC here :-)
  15. bwinn

    Bad Pin, what shuld I do?

    Without Knowing how much made it in, I would weigh on the side of Caution an wait until your Next Pin on Saturday. Right it up as a Loss,When pining, you need to be where there is no Distractions, You need to be Focused on what you are doing, Maybe Rick or Dylan. Or some of the others can tell...
  16. bwinn

    Phurious update

    Family First Bro. Hope everything works out ok for Mom,
  17. bwinn

    Deer Antler

    Roflmfao an it would have a Better Taste to it lol, If you Buy it, I have some Snake Belly I will sell you Cheap.
  18. bwinn

    how old is everyone here?

    Thundarr for me lol, Mask, Transformers,Speed Racer.Ultra Man. Spectra Man, Spiderman an his Amazing Friends, Superfriends, Johnny Quest.Space Giants Centurions, Sliver hawks,. An Others, young Justice.- Hell Watch The Flash on Tuesday's an Arrow On Wednesday.
  19. bwinn

    how old is everyone here?

    50 yo here
  20. bwinn

    Pure Essence Research Is Now Online!

    $109 for a sarm. that shit better give me God mode, after taking it,But yes Love the New Layout, Looks Amazing, an some of the Prices are Great, Keep it up PE.