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    Caber Source

    Jesus, I guess I got lucky. Will not do business with them again. Here is what I got from them. imghost
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    Caber Source

    You have evidence of them selling your CC info? I just received my caber order through them and everything was legit.
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    Dga td

    I've researched everything out there and this is the best product and also the best value. Others out there that were similar but more expensive with lesser key ingredients. Looking forward to the peace of mind.
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    Dga td

    Got my cycle support today for my run starting Sunday. Thanks a ton Dylan. Super fast shipping btw.
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    Robo liquid anadrol

    Mix it with orange juice or something. 25mg to start. Build up to 50mg ED if you have low side effects.
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    Caber score

    Another shoutout to ReliableRxPharmacy. TD on a caber order. I am verified now in their system and will not have to verify in the future. Placed order>they called> asked what "shopping mall" was close to my place>Gave info>shipped 3 days later. Easy as shit.
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    Organ ST question

    Thanks brother, going to run Organ ST with my upcoming run. Lookig forward to the peace of mind.
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    Organ ST question

    Dylan, how close does Organ ST come to matching the clinical effective dosages for the varies ingredients? I'm trying to decide if I should also take some Tudca + NAC on top of the Organ ST becuase of the high recommended dosages. It has the overall mg, but not individual ingredient doses listed.
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    Parenting dilemma seeking an objective opinion

    Campus is so dangerous for young men these days. Snowflakes can cause a young man to lose everything just by accusation alone. Very dangerous to be a young guy on today's college campus. Your post reminded me to remind my son to watch out for the fangs behind those pretty faces.
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    Parenting dilemma seeking an objective opinion

    Both my son and daughter's tuition payments depended on rules I placed upon them prior to paying for any student debt. Housing, tuition, books, lab fees, etc. Simple rules such as, number one priority was to their academics period. This meant no relationshits and absolutely no "ops, we're pregy"...
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    My thoughts on clenbuterol: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Hey Dylan, I would love to see a video with your thoughts on carrier oils. There's been some recent discussion about switching to a more refined carrier oil with some sources, but I would personally like some more insight on the subject.
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    My thoughts on clenbuterol: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Clen is by far the worst. I once had my calves seize up on me so bad at the gym I had to crawl to my car. Looked like a fucking idiot too lol.
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    Blackstone Labs Raided! Information and Updates: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Everyone is different of course, but from my reading I discovered those that had extreme sides from it, simply abused it. Too much of anything is bad for you. Take the recommend dose and use the time on / time off cycling and it's perfectly safe for most. I have used DMAA for years now without...
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    Bought a keto breathe thingy

    Blood of course would be the most accurate. I'm hoping the claims pan out for this devise. I do know strips are a waste of money due to if you're in ketosis you won't being peeing ketones, they will be in the blood and being used. I will report back with my review after a while.
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    Bought a keto breathe thingy

    I picked up this ketonix usb breathe thing so I can track if I get kicked out of ketosis and when I am back in. Anyone here have any experience using this thing?
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    Long term AAS use

    I was diagnosed with very low T back in 1999. After a year of my primary doctor telling me all the wrong shit, I went to a competent Endo a friend referred me to. This changed my life as I had not until then done anabolics of any kind. I lifted and trained my whole adult life and was naturally...
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    is test the awnser.

    Get your test levels checked. If you are low naturally, then I say why the fuck not run TRT. Lots of talk about shutting you down definitely applies to younger males, but at 50+ I see no reason not to feel normal again. Assuming you have low T which many older men do.
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    never have to get draw needles now :)

    I like the idea, but for me at least, I can't say the syringe attachment point would stay sanitary and free of cooties.
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    Another stupid ad post. Trolls life I guess.
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    Kuda Labs

    Ummm guys this is a troll post. It's an advertisement. Delete this shit "dear" lol