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    ⭐️1-Stop Domestic Shop⭐️ (Pinnacle Performance) - Customer Reviews

    1st time ordering from 1-Stop Domestic Shop. Response was fast, ordering was quick and seamless - even arrived before my Amazon Prime order. Product review to follow here in a few weeks.
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    Tren Bloat?

    I too got bloated running tren ace at 300mg. Prolactin and estrogen were in range, tren was legit - robo - and diet was in check, on point as usual. Only thing I could think of was it was my bodies response to tren, perhaps an increase in stress hormone cortisol.
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    Don’t drink on cycle an drink WATER!!!!

    @Jacksteel Actually, there are medical facilities in jail. I know because I have been there. Not bragging by any measure, it just happens to be part of my story. I too struggled with alcohol and substance abuse. I always managed to hold a good suit and tie job, but in the end was nothing more...
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    Do you need an AI specifically for TBol - no, you shouldn't as it does not convert to estrogen. However, you will likely still need an AI depending on what other compounds you are running. I certainly hope you are running testosterone alongside the tbol, in which case, depending on the dose...
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    Deca only/high dose deca cycles? cycle advise

    I haven't run Proviron with Deca so can't say. Never heard that caber could cause false positive for drug test. Is this something you heard or read with some evidence behind it? That would be good information to know.
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    Testosterone and memory loss

    I can't remember what life was like before TRT.
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    Great question. Tbol has a relatively long half life of 16 hours. You can space it out if you want to, but i wouldn't say it's necessary. Depends on who you asked, but i have done it both ways and found absolutely no difference. Whenever you do choose to dose it, I wouldn't take it around the...
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    Deca only/high dose deca cycles? cycle advise

    In my experience, what i have found works best for me is 200-250mg Test and 400mg Deca. No deca dick, little to no sides and minimal AI and caber (based on bloods). On the other hand, when i ran test and deca both the same, i got deca dick and had sides - both while estrogen and prolactin were...
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    Ah yes, EQ is another great option.
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    Tren I can understand and strange as it may sound, tren ace turned me into a watery mess. Never have I held so much water. All I can think of is that it caused stress, raised cortisol and caused me to hold water. Just speculation, but have met others that experienced similar. Now Deca/NPP on...
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    Define what you mean by a good amount of"size". Size as in scale weight, muscle, water ect Or size as in lean muscle tissue with minimum water. Why not deca? If run conservative, it can be kept clean with little to no sides as long as diet is in check.
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    Why not run Tbol instead of Dbol? IMO Tbol is one of the most underrated steroids out there. In my experience, it stacks very well with Masteron. 40-60mg depending on strength/source is a good dose, up to 6 weeks w/ protection. Slow, clean, dry lean muscle tissue gains in addition to great...
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    Do steroids affect hiv and std test results?? Please help me ease my mind..

    Highly doubt it bro. False positive is a more likely scenario, but i can say with great confidence that gear wont cause a false positive either. I wouldn't worry about it, but would do a follow up test 3-6 months from now just to confirm.
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    BDO, GBL and GHB questions..

    This is just my opinion...I would stay away from GHB and the others mentioned bro. I have used all sorts of drugs recreationally in the past and none of them scared me like GHB. I never got physically addicted to anything except that stuff..if i didn't have it i would shake. I saw it destroy...
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    Skinny fat. Bulk or cut? And how much Cardio, if at all do you recommend?

    IMO, based on your pictures, you should not be trying to bulk. You yourself said your diet/nutrition has not been on point, so I would start there before even entertaining the idea of Sarms. No need to be eating more than 220-240 Protein, that is MORE than enough, if not to much, at your...
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    Bloodwork question

    As others mentioned, BUN levels can be elevated in individuals that work out. Mine always rides on the high side of normal. From personal experience, I wouldn't have blood drawn 12-24 hours following a heavy lifting workout. I had bloods pulled 6 hours following a heavy deadlifting session and...
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    Key Info for Those with Bloods high in BUN or Creatinine

    I know we talked privately about this, but thanks for posting this up for others to see. Important to mention that you were able to pinpoint when the problem started BECAUSE of the fact you get routine blood work done. Your Oct. and Dec values were fine, but Feb showed elevated numbers so...
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    sober peoples!!!

    In that case, i wouldn't risk it. Find a reliable sarms company that has capsules.
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    sober peoples!!!

    Just celebrated 4 years myself. To answer your question, it will depend upon you. You will have to be honest with yourself, that is where it can be tricky. Yes, the sarms are most likely suspended in a grain alcohol. The actual quantity upon consumption is small -1/30th of an ounce. Is this...
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    Transformation Recomposition

    Ya im here. How are things going? You haven't posted in 3 weeks. Throw up some progress pics for us.