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    Am I the only one getting all these seizures?

    Nope I got hit twice last year It Sucks, the prices hard to beat though if it comes through that is.
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    MGP is Open

    Flu sucks, I’ve had it already this year. My job takes me in an out Of schools and everywhere I go I hear kids coughing an yacking, scares The shit out of me, when I get back to the truck I’m sanitizing. Since we’re talking about illness when your on gear are you more acceptable to Getting...
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    IWGF & 9th wonder TD

    Sure is nice looking packages
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    Mgp td

    I always heard thin D was the man
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    New sources 2018???

    Just read an read on here grasshopper No kidding just like they said put the time in and Start reading and searching the forum.
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    MGP is Open

    Sweet holiday deals
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    MGP Open

    Good to hear your back
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    Titan update! Plz read

    Get well soon bro
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    Might not be round as much got mad problems at home

    Lifting Weights is my stress reliever, my old lady won't give me enough and or any for that matter Which makes me a ass to be around, I think over the last 4 years we done it like 25 times, which was mostly last fall When I told her I was leaving if she didn't put out which only lasted about...
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    Pharma Lady TD, top notch

    Wanna give a quick shout out to cbbram and pharmalady for the top notch service. I've ordered several times in the last few months and she always come through. she goes the extra mile to make sure your happy. She's good to go No pics from me don't want to compromise anything, hell you know what...
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    New powerlifting cycle!

    Dam, strength should be threw the roof, an you might be a little radioactive too, lol Keep us informed on your lifts, should be interesting
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    Pharma Lady Bloodwork Platinum Biotech Test Cyp

    Good news to hear
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    I will never run superdrol again period, I don't give a shit if it puts on 30lbs lol, it's just not for me
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    Dude, I took superdrol with supports and my head still felt like It was going to explode, bp was threw the roof. But everyone reacts diff Main thing is go back and watch the videos and read all you can before u do anything. Good advice is out there you got to find it, this subject has been...
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    Sarm for pct

    Thx D, RR Yea it's kinda one of those questions you know the answer to but you ask it anyway lol Why work your ass off n not try to keep all your gains, it would be pointless. i was going to try an run a bridge after my pct was complete but I may just float to the next cycle.
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    Sarm for pct

    I know the link well lol, I watch it daily hoping the price will go down lol Ive ran mk2866 before and loved it, man it's just that sarms has went up so much lately. It's hard to get it all because of the price. I've got my clomid, nova, aromsin already. I just don't have my sarms yet.
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    Sarm for pct

    I know it's best to run both Gw & mk2866 during pct but if You were only going to run one which one would be better to run. I'm thinking mk 2866.
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    Pharma Lady order

    Geez dude to many personal questions there, I'm trying not to be a smart here but come on, Be smart about this n don't mess up a good thing
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    Mail time!!

    Sweet, now it's time to get busy n put them to use lol
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    Pharma Lady order

    I'm waiting on mine now, good looking spread there you got