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    Horrible Headaches Post Workout

    Does anyone get debilitating headaches after a hard workout? My 18 year old son has started developing debilitating migraines with nausea after a hard leg workout, so much so that yesterday he slept on the bathroom floor for several hours after he was done puking. His vision will go blurry and...
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    Stack for Female fat loss

    I?m looking for recommendations on a stack for fat loss for a female. I?m 43 yo Female and I have successfully lost about 40 lbs over the past 3 years, but now I?m struggling to get rid of the last 20. I need something to give me a little boost to get things moving again. My sleep is crap and...
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    Air Travel with Sarms

    Hey all! I am currently doing a cycle of GW and SR 9009 and just found out I will have to travel as my dad is having surgery in the next month. Has anyone tried flying with Sarms? Is it a big hassle? I will be at week 6 in the cycle, is it better to stop for the 4 days I will be travelling...
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    Female stacking GW & SR9009 Log

    Tomorrow I hit a full week on my cycle. I have been feeling good and today at the gym when my cardio was over I had energy that I could have kept going. I've gotten used to the taste...�� Has anyone noticed a suppressed appetite with GW and SR9009? I'm having trouble forcing...
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    Dosing measurements

    I plan to start my cycle tomorrow morning but I wanted to get some input on the correct way to measure the doses. I am going to be using 20 mg of GW one dose per day and 30 mg of Sr9009 split in 5 mg doses. The droppers that come with the bottles are in ml. I was just at the pharmacy and I...
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    Female starting a new SARMS log soon!

    Just got my package in the mail this week and can't wait to get started. I'm going on a 12 hour road trip to visit my sister this week, so I better wait until I return to begin. I'm going to use the stack Dylan recommended: 12 wk - GW 20 mg/day dosed before workout 12 wk - SR 9009 30 mg/day...
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    Interested in giving Cardarine a try

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum but not to working out and a clean diet. I have been hearing about the benefits of Cardarine and the lack of side effects. I would like to reduce my body fat down a bit. I lift heavy 3 days a week and do just cardio days a couple times a week and eat really clean...