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  1. Synthetically_Swole

    Sub Q or into muscle?

    I agree with most here and feel IM is the way too go. A lot less risky. I don't need a pesky infection.
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    Motivation from Dylan

    Dylan can definitely be a good motivator. He seems to always give out honest on point advice. I'm glad I decided to hop on board here.
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    On the go protein meals!

    I eat my meals cold most of the time when I'm on the go, too. I don't mind pasta with shredded crock pot chicken and salsa out of a cold tupperware. I'm weird though haha.
  4. Synthetically_Swole

    Fuck the Fucking Flu

    I hope you feel better soon, man. The flu is a wicked son of a b.
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    I agree. It's been years since I switched and never looked back. Even gave letro a try in my early days. That's the first time I got blood work when on. Estradiol was single digits. I was running a low dose too. Never again.
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    Pin Recovery

    I don't even know if I can remember all the way back to my first pin... oh memories haha. These guys are right though, warming the oil, injecting deep enough and slowly are key to a less painful injection. After a few pins your muscle bellies will be used to the pinning. The soreness should no...
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    Adex really messed with my lipids so I switched to aromasin. Never looked back.
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    Awesome article on leucine...

    Nice article. Leucine content in protein sources is key for solid muscular hypertrophy.
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    Hey Dylan!*food porn warning*

    Looks good, but that would be an appetizer for me. That sandwich looks a little lonely. It could use a friend. Aka another sandwich haha.
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    Vermoje labs any good??

    I've run vermo in the past and found it to be underdosed. It wasn't as bad as many claim, but I've had much better.
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    It could potentially aid in liver health, but i wouldn't replace a good liver support stack with it.
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    Asking for a fucking miracle...

    Man, I can empathize. You have every right to be upset. I hope it all works out for you.
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    First Time Gear User - Help Needed

    DIET You're welcome, sir!
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    Water enhancers

    I use them quite often. I just wouldn't recommend going through a full bottle per day!
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    6 weeks in Test only,

    I agree. Excess protein will either be excreted through urine or converted to glucose in the blood stream anyway. AKA expensive carbs.
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    ok, not crazy but wtf?

    I agree that it's probably iron or liver related. Back in my early days I used to avoid taking liver support when running orals. I believed in the hoopla that it lessens the effects of orals. Ran mid cycle bloods once when taking 50mg of drol and my liver enzymes were enough to make me think...
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    6 weeks in Test only,

    Well said. I used to be scared of putting on fat but later realized a little bit is unavoidable. A few years later not worrying too much about gaining small amounts of fat, and I have 20-25 more lbs of solid lean mass on me. You've got to sacrifice the lines and cuts at times if you want to make...
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    I like melatonin. It seems to work better for me at a low dose such as 1mg vs. 3-5mg like most are dosed. There is some scientific evidence to back this too. I usually wake up feeling refreshed after a low dose.
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    Healing aid / shoulder issues

    BPC157 all the way. It helped my digestive issues and healed up a nagging case of elbow tendinitis.