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    Bunk test

    Ok so i have been getting testosterone from a source that isn't on here and it's been great but recently the test iv been getting seems fake. I'm getting blood work done next week but until then iv always heard you can freeze testosterone and see if it crystalizes. Iv done that that it...
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    Best rep and customer service ever 9th wonder

    I have to give a huge scout out to 9th wonder. I placed an order that never came because of whatever reason we're not sure what happened maybe the post office lost it which is the most likely scenario but either way 9th stayed in contact with me the entire time and when I showed him that there...
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    testing and shipping

    this looks like a pretty good deal but I wonder. has any of this stuff been tested ? I just got screwed on some fake gear from stemco and I don't want to go down that road again. and will I be flagged if I placed on order with this placed or does it ship from within the US? when I placed an...
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    Gear and labs results plz help

    Anyone ever heard of Stemco? I have Been on a cycle of Stemco products for 10 weeks i have uploadedsome of my lab results notice that my testosterone is 20! 500 Dec 600 test 700 EQ 50 BDOL