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    Pharmalady and Sarms

    Hello Sir You order sarms from me confidence, the quality is 100%
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    Pharmalady And Bitcoin

    Hello everyone, Bitcoin is proving very popular with customers so Im very happy to finally have this option available for everyone.
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    Pharma Lady TD

    Thank you for post photo, let us know how your cycle and training are going.
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    PharmaLady GW50 review

    Hello Sir, thank you for taking time to write review, very happy you having good experience with GW, it is the best selling Sarm so far. Please keep us update with your results.
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    Atlas pharma hgh

    Are you mean Atlas brand from Thailand? because that brand is owned by Thai police
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    Pharmalady New Sarms Product

    In stock now
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    Pharma Lady International, Steroids - HGH - Peptides

    Hello I am Pharma Lady, International seller of high quality pharma grade brands from Asia and Europe.I have many years experience and all products sold are the highest quality. I have full product line of almost everything any bodybuilding or athlete would need. *Pharma grade products from...
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Trenbolone Hex is already on sale for April
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    Pharmalady And Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is available now
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    Pharmalady New Sarms Product

    Yes many people are asking for this one, Im happy can offer it soon
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    Pharmalady 5 star service

    Thank you Sir for your kind feedback, lets us know your good results from the products.
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    PL Service

    Thank you both very much for the kind feedback, I am strive to do better always
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    Pharma Lady Email Revamp

    order email is [email protected]
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    Pharmalady Touchdown!!!

    Thank you for posting
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Thank you everyone suggestion, I have tried include in this month specials
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    Pharma Lady January Specials 2019

    GA is 60 tablets per bottle PB is 30 tablets per bottle, MG dosage is same for both
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    Pharma Lady January Specials 2019

    Now available Platinum Biotech SARMS in stock Liganabolic 5 (LGD 4033) Ostabolic 10 (MK 2866) Ibutabolic 10 (MK 677) Andrabolic 25 (S4) Myobolic 5 (YK 11)
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    Phama Lady December Specials

    Please do not request January list until after January 1st
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    Phama Lady December Specials

    Nice body sir
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    Pharma Lady Orders

    Is not delayed, i just get sick and backlog of emails, nothing more, orders shipping everyday as always.