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  1. Baby J

    Hipo order received

    It was a nail biting 3 week wait..But have finally received.The packaging is the most creative I have ever seen. Just glad it finally arrived.
  2. Baby J

    Hipocampus Winstrol 50 Order arrived

    Some really nice looking vials of winstrol form Hipocampus..Cant wait to give it go..Will give an update on quality in a couple weeks. T/a was about 3 weeks total..
  3. Baby J

    New to site..

    Hello Everyone.. Lets see..4th year of cycles..Im very active bikes.. MMA. fishing and hunting. 6 ft. 215lbs. 41 years old..I work out 5 times per week. Body fat around 12-15% My faves are, test prop, masteron, primobolan.They seem to work the best for me in my active...
  4. Baby J

    Source list

    How do I view the sources? I cant seem to find them?