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    Esarms legit?

    Been out a while... Is Esarms still endorsed by this forum? I have a stack I purchased from them from about 2 years ago when they first were endorsed by this forum. I notice they aren't advertised here anymore. Edit: Esarms is now sarms4sale?
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    Domestic vs overseas

    Is the quality of sarms essentially the same from the sources on this site? Is domestic considered better?
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    16 week sarm cycle?

    Just curious... What would be the downsides to a 16 week cycle vs a 12 week cycle? Rad...lgd...and s4. Too much suppression? Could it be run safely?
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    Ultimate cut

    I am currently in week 8 of a bulking cycle. Lgd, rad140 and S4. Feeling pumped. Everything is going well. Im feeling it kick in. After PCT and a month or two off, I'm looking to run a sarm cutting stack where I can lean out and hopefully put on a little muscle. Looking for recommendations...
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    I read some recommendations from other sources suggesting nolvadex +clomid for pct after a sarm cycle. I know this site recommends clomid + gw. Is one better? Why? Thanks
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    Sarms swap?

    I'm going to start a sarms cycle of rad140 S4 lgd Problem is I was sent S23 instead of S4. I plan on doing this as a bulking cycle. Does anybody have any opinions as to whether or not I should go ahead with the s23 or should I contact the supplier and set up an exchange for the S4?
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    Clomid pct....and ?

    I'm getting ready to do a mini PCT of clomid. I was curious if there was anything safe I could take with it that would help with fat loss.
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    What is meant by the term gear? Is ostarine not considered gear? I ask because I contacted a source for ostarine and he replied that he only provides gear. Confused.