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  1. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Thanksgiving HUGE Discount - Steroidify

    Now thats a BUFF turkey.....If i eat it, will I get some gainz?
  2. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Ol. Dirty is back.... It’s been awhile and I’ve been lurking from time to time. I’m glad this forum is still running strong! Some might remember my ‘handle’ from wayyy back. 56 years young, 6’1”, 245 lbs.... unsure of BF ~ 15-18%? Meh.... Currently on TRT & loving it. Calorie intake is...
  3. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Valhalla tren scare

    I'm into my 3rd EOD dose and it's some good shit. Tren never got me into dickhead mode...always been kinda laid back, but I definitely feel more aggression in the gym. Good stuff, NY...
  4. Ol.DirtyBastard

    First Valhalla Ace pin...

    Now Im feeming for his test ace to go his tren ace Im pinning now... Enjoy....I have no doubt its smooth
  5. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Valhalla Slayer

    I will give that a try soon, man. Sounds good
  6. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Valhalla Slayer

    I gotta say the oils are very smooth....flowed thru a 25 ga like hot butter.....hardly any force to push the plunger much.
  7. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Valhalla Slayer

    2 CC's EOD and just finished pinning.....heading to gym tomorrow morning to slay shit left and right.
  8. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Valhalla Slayer

    Valhalla tren....
  9. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Valhalla Slayer

    Enjoy, man. I pin 2 cc's later on after work. Can't wait Oh shit, that's test old ass is going blind. I still can't wait to do tren ace's all good
  10. Ol.DirtyBastard

    VALHALLA Bloods

    Nice numbers there
  11. Ol.DirtyBastard

    VALHALLA tren ace

    Chillin Chillin.... Glad you got on the ground with a good running start. Much success to you old friend. I got your 6
  12. Ol.DirtyBastard

    VALHALLA tren ace

    Im about to.... hahaaaaaa! Mailman moving too damn slow
  13. Ol.DirtyBastard

    VALHALLA tren ace

    Cant wait to get my hands on some.....
  14. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Customer service policies

    Let me PM you dawg....give me a few to make it short and sweet. I know youre busy
  15. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Customer service policies

    I was just going to PM or email you about something.... Its unrelated to the your first post. Dont know
  16. Ol.DirtyBastard

    I just started TRT treatment and cursed off my doctor

    Yeah man......I still lurk Hey man I got a PM heading your way in a few btw, dont you ever sleep?....lmao, youre everywhere
  17. Ol.DirtyBastard

    I just started TRT treatment and cursed off my doctor

    Sounds all too familiar....identical to what I went thru and i fired his ass after 3 visits cause i seen where it was going. Advice theses guys are giving here are great. Search for Health and Restoration clinics in your area. Maxadvance pretty much nailed it. Dont get discouraged, bro....
  18. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Holly holm on roids you decide ?

    I was going to say maybe, but since i look at the zoom and seen that lil smokie......Id say Hell yeahhhhhh
  19. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Oral gearr

    So far anavar for me....leaned out pretty good. For mass and strength, I cant wait to try out anadrol.
  20. Ol.DirtyBastard

    Gaming.. My interest..

    No love for Destiny? My son was gonna get me a PS4 but I beat him to it and got Destiny. Pretty damn good First Person Shooter.....kinda reminds me of the Halo series a bit. Of all....I like the old Duke Nukem, Far Cry, Painkiller, Left for Dead...etc Im an FPS kinda fella