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  1. I reviews and special offers

    Just placed a small order, but these guys have been around forever, top notch. Hoping it arrives soon.
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    Clenbuterol Worries

    You get on gear with only 2 weeks of training and you're going to end up hurting yourself. 6ft tall 270 and 40mg of var a day? You're throwing your money down the drain. At this point, I'd stop even thinking about a cycle and concentrate 100% on your diet and getting a consistent exercise...
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    Cycle check

    Looks fine like Dylan said. Pin the Test Enan twice a week instead of EOD 3/400 mg a week is what I stick with. Others like more
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    I love my life...

    Know what I'd do with a million dollars? 2 chicks at the same time...
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    Best Estrogen blockers to use

    Ask the guy behind the counter at GNC if you can get an Aromatase inhibitor and he's probably going to think you're speaking Spanish
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    MGP is Open

    Last I heard, he was down with the flu. Any update on a possible return date?
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    Possible bunk tren/anadrol?

    Be patient. Do you trust your source?
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    ANAVAR-where do i purchase it?

    It should be available at any Wal Mart, CVS, Kroger, etc right above the Playtex and directly underneath the Vagisil
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    T3 makes me look flat as hell. That's the only reason I don't like it
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    MGP is Open

    Flu is fuckin nasty this year. Hope he's better soon. PM me if anything changes soon, needing some Tren A asap. Thanks for the quick response
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    MGP is Open

    Yo, thin. You end up closing shop to re-stock or can we get an order in? Thanks
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    Gyno or am I just freaking out?

    Paranoid. Take it easy and it will go away soon
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    Look around. There are PLENTY of Domestic sources here that have Fire Test and some of the prices are unbeatable. Just some friendly advice
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    Why don't you just order US Domestic?
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    Left over gear?!?!?

    I'm confused. OP, do you have 2 accounts on this site? Your original post was under a different name than what you posted the pictures as. Am I missing something?
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    Left over gear?!?!?

    You're a cop. What? You ignored us so that means you're a cop
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    How many Deca vials for 1 cycle

    If you figured out how to dose your test then you can figure out how to dose the Deca once you source it and know how it's dosed.
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    Left over gear?!?!?

    How many cops does it take to throw a man down the stairs? None. He fell.
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    Left over gear?!?!?