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  1. MarkD

    Pharma Lady September Specials

    Great products. I've been a customer for almost 4 years now. High quality, good prices and professional service.
  2. MarkD

    High Concen Blends?

    The high concentration blends can hurt a bit brother. I have used a Test 500 blend (200c/200e/100pp) made with that Mig840 oil and there wasn't any pip doing 1cc. However, that's about as much as I'd ever push in a blend and not everyone uses that Mig840 oil. I'd recommend against a custom...
  3. MarkD

    BioGenX pharma anyone?

    BGS has a Test E/C 400 blend that is amazin. I've seen Cyp 400 before but not this brand. If it's dosed right you should expect great results.
  4. MarkD

    Wouldn't mind some input on my next cycle

    Halo is the real deal. I threw a drill through my flat screen from that and Tren combined.
  5. MarkD

    BGS TouchDown

    Same thing for me today. You won't be disappointed. The shit is almost magical.
  6. MarkD

    Link to BGS analytical testing

    BGS has been my go to for years now. Best gear I've ever ran.
  7. MarkD

    Platinum Biotech Aromasin Pharma Lady

    100% Legit. I'm using it right now.
  8. MarkD

    Experience with robolics?

    Great products and great service. My packages arrive usually within a week if not less. I've only ever used his Test Cyp and NPP. I am an NPP fanatic and his works great.
  9. MarkD

    Pharma Lady TD!

    Im hoping somebody at customs just didn't scan anything and moved it.
  10. MarkD

    Pharma Lady TD!

    When did you place your order? I have one that still says it was received on the shippers end almost a week ago and there hasn't been any scans on it since then. Usually it at least a customs scan by now.
  11. MarkD

    Low budget Cycle

    real fucking talk
  12. MarkD

    Low budget Cycle

    Test C, Winstrol, GW, Aromasin. You're looking at a few hundred dollars, shop around the sources and see what you can find.
  13. MarkD

    pre/intra/post workout booster playlist

    Pantera is in heavy rotation for me always.
  14. MarkD

    Substances that would improve depression and motivation in the gym.

    Awesom. Ty. The main problem I have with Kratom is getting it down. If I mix it with anything I will throw it up every time. I've been wraping 2 grams in half a fruit roll up and getting it down that way, all that sugar is counter productive though.
  15. MarkD

    RIP gw

    I did this with a 20ml of Tren Ace once, shattered on a linoleum floor. The pain is real.
  16. MarkD

    Thoughts on Jon "Bones" Jones and Tbol: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    He needs to just go to Japan and be in freak fights all juiced up.
  17. MarkD

    Pharma Lady touchdown

    I was shocked at how fast it was. I alos love these Platinum Biotech orals and how they are color coded. Some of these sales are ridiculous.
  18. MarkD

    Pharma Lady touchdown

    So much drol. Even her economy shipping was stupidly fast, not even a week.
  19. MarkD

    Substances that would improve depression and motivation in the gym.

    Which Kratom strain do you suggest? I have Bali right now and it works ok. This post couldnt speak to me more, I suffer from the same problems.
  20. MarkD

    Injectable Dbol: General Questions

    Do'nt use dbol after tbol. Tbol is plenty for making good lean gains. Also, injectable dbol feels like youre injecting fire. Unless you love pain and want to be crippled, don't shoot it 2 times a day. I'd only use it preworkout