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    Pharma Lady top notch

    PL One of the best in the game
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    Customer Testimonials- IWGF/9th Wonder/BGS

    1of the best 1st run was tbol..and 9th wonder made all things smooth
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    BGS injectable Tbol?

    thnx bro!!
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    BGS injectable Tbol? on my 2nd week of the i kno its ginna be kickn in real soon...??? Im popping 25mg every 12 hrs jus to keep it in my system since half life is rnd 16 that coo or eat the whole 50mg hr b4 workout?
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    Platinum Biotech vs Global Anabolics Pharma Lady

    I havent tried the tren...i was cruising on the test E for a while and kimda laid off so i wanted the sust to kinda give me a jump..i can say the oil pins smooth as hell....i done had oils that causes me to knot up and itch real bad...but the plate far so keeep ya updated..
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    Shout out to BGS

    Lightning fast!!
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    Did u pop urs all at once b4 workout or spaced it out thru the day
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    Platinum Biotech vs Global Anabolics Pharma Lady

    Just got my order back with platinum bio sust/test e...used in the past..its been g2g thus far
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    Yessir, we shall see bro preciate ya
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    Ordered tbol from bgs mon got my candy in 3 days after paymnt recvd...good lookn 9thWonder
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    tbol dose

    Grab another bottle and up the dosage least 50-60mg like all the bro"s habe mentioned...i made the same mistake a yr on my new cycle of tbol i knew i needed more that 1 bottle of 100..
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    Platinum Biotech vs Global Anabolics Tbol Pharma Lady

    Thnx bro's..Submitting order tomorrow //rolling wit the GA test E and GA tbol to add to my stash...will keeo ya posted
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    Needles Online

    I use more than 15$for pin/syringe
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    Platinum Biotech vs Global Anabolics Tbol Pharma Lady

    I tried different tbol...most i had to use like 80mg to feel,wondering is either these brands cool..
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    Needle Sizes

    Draw wit 18..pun with 25g 1" pain
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    Global Anabolics Test E 300 Pharma Lady

    Ive had the sust and it was superb....time to switch it for a longer lasting esther.....any reviews on the GA test e 300
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    Pharma Lady does it again!

    Ikr!! It doesnt stay in customs very long at never took longer than 3-4 days to recieve my goods..she
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    best pin spot

    Ive pinned the gluted and i seem to itch and lump for a day or 2,so i decided to pin me shoulders an it felt like heaven goin in, im usully sore day or 2 then im good,but ive been seeing alot of bro's like the quads...
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    Pharma Lady puts it down once again

    Ordered saturday/shipped monday/pack landed today with my goodies.and i love the box she sent it in....and thnx pharma for the extra goodies of whinny...dat was on the list for my next order....aporeciate the pharm love....1 of the best international sources here......
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    the best test ester

    I know sust is a quick hit, but what long ester do u guys prefer...i like test E...but im hearing great things bout cyph and prop....thinkn on running the best ester with some tbol/eq/etc