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  1. Guarionex

    ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (1SDS) - Main Thread

    I'm getting the feeling I need to make a 1-stop pinnacle shopping :cool::cool:
  2. Guarionex

    New to sarms

    Bro, doc won't suggest 250mg twice a week. That is a large dose even for a cycle, get your bloodwork and get aromasin.
  3. Guarionex

    Rad140 1 andro question

    Popozeto, no offense bro, but it looks likes you don't know what you're doing. STOP, I REPEAT, STOP the cycle, and go straight to PCT, Dylan has many posts on PCT; additionally, get a liver support supplement to go along your PCT. The liver toxicity and lethargy you are feeling now are no joke...
  4. Guarionex

    Pharmalady and Sarms

    Nice!! [emoji41][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

    Bumped again, thanks Tazz.
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    ESARMS Cardarine log and review. GW-501516 - cbbram

    Dude is in contest mode. Following.
  7. Guarionex

    Pharmalady and Sarms

    Ooh, dear PharmaLady, I fell in love with you all over again :cool:
  8. Guarionex

    New SARMS sponsor coming soon... ESARMS

    Great news. DG always looking out for the best :cool:
  9. Guarionex

    Deca dura 300?

    I’ve used PharmaLady Deca 300. I did a 12 week cycle of test c/Deca at 150/150 each. Nothing but great gains. I’ve been using PharmaLady for years now. Solid source for sure.
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    Pharma Lady September Specials

    Nice!! PharmaLady always comes through.
  11. Guarionex

    Pharma Lady June Specials

    LLEzz!!! :cool:
  12. Guarionex

    Pharmacom HUGE News - New Product!!

    If these guys get “The Clear”, I swear their business would double.
  13. Guarionex

    I love my life...

    Man, some dudes just got made for them. :rolleyes:
  14. Guarionex

    Caber score

    Yes, sir!!
  15. Guarionex

    MGP is Open

    Alright bro. Just let us know when we can order. That Tren A looks yummy for my next cycle.
  16. Guarionex

    Caber score

    Following. Got to have that Caber.
  17. Guarionex

    Questions about on-cycle and post cycle back to TRT

    You’ll need aromasin at 12.5mg every other day and just go return to TRT after cycle. You won’t need post cycle therapy.
  18. Guarionex

    Libido issues. Please help

    You need AI ASAP!!
  19. Guarionex

    AP's s4/mk677/lgd log.

    Following bro