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  1. xamijay

    Blood work

    I've never gotten blood work done... so what's the best and most affordable way to go around this? And do I need insurance. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  2. xamijay

    Aromasin hand pain

    So I'm taking 350mg test cyp every week along with deca and Dbol. I'm doing 12.5mg aromasin e3d. But after each time I take my aromasin the hand pain comes back. My fingers on my right hand just hurt, it's a sharp pain. Should I just do it e4d? I'll get bloods done in like 6 weeks when it's mid...
  3. xamijay

    Mgp cycle

    Started my cycle today.. 350mg test every week. 175mgs Monday & Thursday. 260mg deca every week. 130mg Monday and Thursday. And I'll start Dbol later on the cycle. All Mgp gear. I injected both compounds today into my quads. Could barely feel it going in me. I have the slightest bit of pip but I...
  4. xamijay

    Mgp TD!!

    Nothing but a good experience from Thin D, very nice guy that cares about his customers. Package only took a few days to get me and it was packaged very well and safe. Gear looks great and he even had federal Dbol. Going to run my cycle soon with his gear and I'll be posting bloods also.
  5. xamijay


    Anyone know a good bitcoin website I can anonymously buy some? I tried coinbase but I don't want to use my ID or bank account. And some other sites are too expensive.
  6. xamijay


    Is this legit pharmacom? And has anyone tried their dbol?
  7. xamijay

    Boldenone Cyp and Ace

    I saw that robolics carries boldenone cypionate and acetate. Anyone ever try them? I wanted to do EQ but I don't wanna cycle on for that long so I thought cyp or ace would be a better option but I heard they're too painful
  8. xamijay

    Robolics Deca

    Anyone have experience with robolics deca? And how am I supposed to know if deca is working anyways?
  9. xamijay

    next cycle question

    For my next cycle, Test E, Deca, and Dbol. Should I use Aromasin or Arimidex? Thanks.