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    When your source suddenly vanishes...

    I'm confused , where do you get a malinchop, that sounds good , is it grilled or breaded
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    MGP Pricelist 12-11-2016

    Thats a very competitive price on tren ace
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    Cleanse detox

    Who has done this , I'm not familiar but hear it works , I been feeling real bloated , and been thinking about trying this whole body cleanse ,
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    6 weeks in Test only,

    Truth , eat some food,lift harder, it's not a magic pill
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    Pinning Test p vs Pharma mix 2

    Your right your first cycle consisted of multiple compounds which is definitely not recommended. Your not done with that cycle and your looking to start a blend with 3 different compounds , hmmm , maybe you should slow down killer
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    help with cycles

    Their seems to be a large part of this story missing
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    Female log: First cutting cycle with gw/ostarine stack

    I'm not experienced with sarms at all but I like your diet numbers and I have to eat something before lifting even when cutting
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    Needle Sizes

    Since it's winter I put the syringe on top of heater vent for a little while helps a little
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    Bloods (pre cycle) Need interpretation please

    Yes run a full proper pct then re test if you haven't recovered then time to consider trt
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    Awesome thanks
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    Needle Sizes

    Yes sir that's it
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    Needle Sizes

    I just think 1 inch isn't deep enough for glute or quad
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    Needle Sizes

    Delts with a 1 inch 25g is painless, in the right spot 3 fingers down from top of shoulder dead center
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    Needle Sizes

    I use 18g to draw so much easier
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    Drawing bloods real soon , I'm going to get the test above 1500 done , I can't remember and can't seem to find does it measure prolactin ?
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    Tren and test

    Your going to get fired on for this , have thick skin , and give al info so you can get real help , don't tell us what you think we want to hear just so you don't get bitched at, how long have you been on , exactly what are these doses you have been playing with , are you taking anything else...
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    Bloods (pre cycle) Need interpretation please

    You should cross out your personal info , test is obviously super low , and looks like some liver issues you need to get looked at , any idea why your liver may have issues? Excessive drinking etc
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    So true I pull them off the grill around 145 degrees
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    That lime cilantro mix sound good