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    The Dangers of Under Age Steroid Use: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    very responsible on your part. I like it.
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    All Lucky to be here!

    Just wanted to say how lucky we all are to have this board and live in the modern world. I'm new to the whole online source world. Throughout the years, up to and including today, I've always used the local gym guy. Overpriced, underdosed, fake, etc. You guys have a board with Dylan and the...
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    New to the forum- Intro

    Thanks Guys.
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    New to the forum- Intro

    Hello, Glad to get started on this board. I have been in the bodybuilding game for over 25 years. Not a pro, don't compete and I'm not an expert. Sometimes I'm fat as a pig and sometimes I'm skinny, sometimes I get it right and and have muscles with low bodyfat. Just a regular guy who likes to...