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    Huge Forum Update - Major Upgrade Coming

    Excited to see how well it works on my mobile devices.
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    Hair loss

    Ive been doing a lot of research, but by NO means an expert. What I've found to be the 2 best hair "friendly" steroids is NPP, and Superdrol. By saying that, I have also decided to start monixodil, RU58841, and a ketoconazole shampoo.
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    Project Get Shredded 2021 - $160,000 in cash prizes!

    Love to see someone on here do it.
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    Third week Ostarine Cycle, Gyno ?

    Get blood work and you will get all your answers.
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    Elite Fitness Podcast with Guest Dylan Gemelli

    Was defiently a great listen. Maybe something to think about doing in the future Dylan, not that your not busy enough already, lol!
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    Test Boosters

    I personally liked Tongkat Ali. Nice boos to the libido as well.
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    Winstrol vs. Anavar: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Keep them coming bro, love the info in the vids, and this will no doubt help many.
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    All advice/comments welcome

    Looking forward to seeing the results also, hopefully you will take pics along with the log.
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    What's your preference?

    Thanks Dylan, I copied your layout protocol for all Sarms a couple weeks back, and see you added it to a sticky, awesome bro!
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    What's your preference?

    Thanks for the input fellas, I havent ran S23 and have been looking to try, so Im going to do that, and maybe primo. Also, i always support, and our gear sponsors.
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    What's your preference?

    Hey everyone, just starting to decide on my next cycle. I'm 46, 177 lbs, 13% bf , 5'8. I'm looking at doing a recomp, I did 5 sarm cycles, and 1 test only cycle that i just finished a couple weeks ago a 300 per week. My thoughts are, Test base at 250/300, want to try SR9009, but here is where im...
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    Hair loss and estrogen

    Will defiantly post results. Thanks brothers.
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    Hair loss and estrogen

    I liked Rad, and Mk2866, and to be honest, YK I think might have been my favorite. I will add Rad and 2866 along with my Test next cycle in May1st.
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    Hair loss and estrogen

    I've tried, Rad,Gw,MK677,MK2866,YK,S4. Had the worst vision sides, even splitting doses, and lowering. Was thinking adding RAD again on my next test cycle. This is my first test only cycle, and I'm enjoying the results, and was just curious on suggestions for another steroid with the least sides...
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    Hair loss and estrogen

    Hey everyone, Just looking at getting some suggestions on my next cycle. Looking for help with a cycle that causes the least amount of hair loss, and least amount of estrogen. I'm 47, 170, 5 8, and really looking to stay lean and add some size. Past cycles have been Rad, YK, GW, MK 2866, S4...
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    Split dose

    Thats proper detail right there. Very nice!
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    Next cycle, replace orals with what. Eq/Deca?

    I used YK last cycle and loved it. Had 0 sides.
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    Thanks everyone, yes RU, im sure iys all in my head, but appreciate all the comments.
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    I'm in New Brunswick, Saint John, but just reached out to a clinic in Moncton and waiting to hear back.
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    Hey everyone, I know everyone's body is different, but im looking for an average i guess. I am starting my 4th week of Test e, 300mg/week, split into 2 doses, Monday morning, Thursday afternoon. This is my first steroid cycle, but have run 5 sarm cycles. Currently, im 45, 5ft8, 169lbs, approx...