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    Cycle interruption question

    Dylan ... could he lessen the negative effects by taking two doses worth of the Test and Equipoise the morning before he departs on his trip? I've never used steroids before so I am only asking out of curiosity, reading that people sometimes begin cycles with double-dosages to get the steroid...
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    video request s23

    Bro ... the search box in the upper right corner of the page is a great tool.
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    Can MK-2866 be used as a bridge into pct after RAD or LGD

    Not really, as even Ostarine can be slightly surpressive. Best to take a full eight weeks off of the SARMS (4 wk PCT + 4 wks totally off everything) to give your body time to "clean itself up" and for your receptors to be ready for the next SARMS "go-round".
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    SARM Guy

    EVERYONE is different ... there is no good way of knowing what you will gain ... it mainly will depend on hard hard your train, how much you eat, and how much you rest. Eat a surplus of calories EVERY day + train like a fiend + get 8 hours of sleep a night + leave the booze and partying alone...
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    Mini pct vs full pct

    Length of time (6 vs 4 wks) mainly, and the use of more compounds (Clomid, Nolva, and an AI vice only Clomid or Nolva (and most likely NO AI)). Dylin's typical response for a full-PCT is: when you are in pct, you are going to get a major spike in cortisol... cortisol is termed the "gains...
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    Sarms Prep comp Cycle

    You definitely have developed a nice, thick base to chisel down from ... good luck in your endeavors!
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    World’s Top Bridge Player Suspended for Using Anabolic Steroids

    Is there some form of Bridge that I am not aware of? The only Bridge I am familiar with is the card game, and I am like WTF would you need steroids for the shuffle / play cards?!?!?!
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    Another noob needs help

    MK677 and a surplus of calories.
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    Bulk Cycle

    Dylan ... that physique sounds a lot like my own 35 years ago (i.e. late teens) when I was a swimmer that happened to lift as a training augmentation. Sounds like a super young guy ... most likely too young to beneficially use steroids ... but has the itch to gain size NOW. I applaud his...
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    Rad140 sides

    Are you taking any other supps, in addition to the RAD 140, that could be causing the jittery feelings? If not, it sounds like you have some bunk product as I have NEVER experienced those issues and I am currently on week 11 of RAD-140 (12.5 MG/DAY) and MK-2866 (25 MG/DAY) and am experiencing...
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    S4/Rad 140 or S4/LGD 4033 for my goal

    Go with the S4 and RAD-140 combo. But don't do anything if you don't have enough finances to do a proper PCT post-cycle.
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    Advice, mainly on time between my 2 cycles

    4 week PCT, then a minimum of another 4 weeks off.
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    Arimistane AS PCT

    No. You need to read the site a bit more ... many of your questions can be found with a bit of personal searching, as well as realizing you haven't provided anyone with enough info to help you.
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    Considering a cycle

    Competitive world of what ... bodybuilding??? If so, you need to NATURALLY train and eat until you can get your bodyweight up above 200 (and more like 225+ lbs) before you even THINK of taking a PED. Otherwise you will be severely short-changing how big you can get in the long term. Remember...
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    Losing my shit on halo

    Bruh ... Halo is one of the worst (that and Cheque Drops) for aggression ... I've got friends that use that stuff as they are into MMA. No way, no how would I use it ... I already can have a bit of a temper ... no point in pouring gasoline onto fire.
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    Cycle goals - How do you vary your workouts and diet???

    Hello everyone. Dylan has provided many compound cycles here on the board that vary, depending upon if a person's goal is bulking, recomping, or cutting. My question to the board is, do you drastically change up how YOU work out when your goals vary between these three targets, or are you MOST...
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    Dylan Gemelli Banned Nutrition Video Log...

    Gonna follow this one closely ...
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    Crossfit cycle

    TUDCA is a definite for that cycle.
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    Safer and Effective Ways to Use Trenbolone: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Good vid as it provides an excellent / concise summary of how to use this compound, as safely as one can use "high-ish risk / high reward" substance. The same info is also located within the site's many threads, but I know a lot of people don't like to read / research, while many others on the...