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  1. Jaacyn71

    Opinion Question

    So I have just completed week 9 of MK 2866/Ostabolic from Sarmsx at 25 mg/day. I have gained a decent amount of size (about 10 pounds but that is not all lean mass, I loosened up on what I would eat to make sure I could get my caloric surplus every day). A ton of strength gains, increased...
  2. Jaacyn71

    Appetite stimulants?

    Hi everyone. I am trying to maximize the gains I might make on a simple sarm run of ostabolic. I am 5'6", 155 lbs and I try to get 2500-3000 calories on a 40C/30P/30F nutrition plan. That is maintenance to a 500 surplus for me. My problem is that I have never been a big eater and I power...
  3. Jaacyn71

    Feeling anything on Ostabolic?

    I am currently nearing the end of my 2nd week of Ostabolic and wondered if I will "feel" anything as I progress forward into week 3 and beyond. So far, I do notice increased energy/stamina, I have been adding additional exercises, drop sets, negatives, 1 1/2 rep sets, etc to my workouts to...
  4. Jaacyn71

    Maximizing my first SARM cycle questions?

    Hi everyone, Got my Ostabolic and mini-pct package in the mail today and man if I wasn't like a kid waiting for Christmas the last few days. So basic info. I posted about a week ago: Age: 45 Height: 5' 6" Weight: 152 lbs. Bodyfat %: guessing around 10%, I haven't gotten it measured recently...
  5. Jaacyn71

    Sarmsx CB Form Hold Question

    I did a google search and found some posts with basic information about the hold form and I get the fraud prevention aspect of it. I was hoping someone could give me an idea of how long (same day, 3 days from now, a week) before the CB Info. request will get sent via email and what info. it...
  6. Jaacyn71

    Sarm Questions

    Hi Everyone, Age: 45 Height: 5' 6" Weight: 152 lbs. Bodyfat %: ~ 10% (use pic as guide) Years of Training: 20+ (have done weight training in various forms since a teenager, no long layoffs but no real intensity last 2 years, looking to change that) 1 cycle Test Cyp back in the late 90's (great...