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    airplane travel

    Take this with a grain of salt... I travel for work all the time, and I always bring with me a bottle of liquid stevia, and a bottle of liquid vitamin D3K2. Never had any issues with those, even international. They are small, 1 fl oz dropper bottles, not suspicious at all. People travel with...
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    ***How to get bloodwork done cheap and WITHOUT going to a doctor***

    Good info. Any advice on what panels would be best for pre, mid and post cycle? Paying for the full Male hormone optimization panel 3 times would be cost prohibitive. I can get much of this from a standard checkup at the Dr's office (which I'm going to do pre-cycle) maybe a build your own...
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    Advice for planning 2 cycles in 8 months?

    Great advice everybody! Thanks!
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    Advice for planning 2 cycles in 8 months?

    Good info, thanks. That would be bigger cycle than I am comfortable with at this point though, and I want to keep suppression to a minimum. I also cant have the possibility of vision issues with S4. So if I was to pick one...would swapping out the Ostarine for SR9009 be my best bet (thinking it...
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    Advice for planning 2 cycles in 8 months?

    Hey guys, I have 2 events I am training for in the next 8 months, a marathon at the end of Nov, and a 50 mile ultra marathon at the end of Feb (about 16 weeks apart). I am not competing in either race, just doing it for "fun". Since this is mostly endurance stuff I'm planning on going with a...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Hey guys! Love the forum, soooo much good info! I'm a reformed crossfitter who only does strength training and running now. Looking to up my game with some longer endurance events and came here to get the low-down on the things I need to help me improve. So far not disappointed! Thanks to...