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    First Steroid Cycle Advice

    Thank you for quick response. Like I mentioned, just started to look into this and still researching. I just was watching that video. Test alone seems like a good start.
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    First Steroid Cycle Advice

    Age 46, weight 211 pounds, workout cycle - starter - 3 times a week. Goal: 185 pounds, increase muscle mass. Planned cycle: test, turinabol and trenbolone. Not looking to be hulk but get in shape with visible muscles. Looking for recommendation on first cycle, dos and donts.
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    Trenbolone turinabol and test cycle for starters

    I am 46, 6.1’ 211 pounds. I am considering to start the trenbolone, turinabol and test cycle for the first time. My ldl cholesterol is generally on the higher side. Looking for recommendations on dosage, do’s and don’t’s and or experiences from someone who would have tried the first time.