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    Best source for tren and test

    Looking for the best current potent source for tren ace and test cyp
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    Looking for a one stop shop

    Placed order with biotech and no reply. [email protected]?
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    US domestic-only source

    Ditto, need list, [email protected]
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    Need source for Letrozole

    Can't seem to find letro on anyones list yet, anyone know of reliable source?
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    Gear porn of different sources

    Valhalla ! Need email Was loving that Valhalla but lost touch, do you have email?
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    New videos on bias

    Dylan and Ric Drasin (ric`s corner) both have great new videos on jumping to conclusions on the death of Rich Piana or anybody else !
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    Liquid anadrol

    Is there much positive feedback from the use of injectable anadrol out there?
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    Pharma Lady Cialis

    Pharma lady cialis Was good, took 3 capsules 6 hrs before the action for best effect
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    Valhalla ghost awaits.

    So is valhalla up and running again?
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    Pharma Lady Cialis

    2 tabs 6hrs before works great. Best thing I've got from pl.
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    Comparative Protein Analysis

    I am learning to try to eat more protein per meal rather than rely on shakes in between. Had 2 bloods in a row last yr that showed low protein while using EAS 100% whey and a couple others three times daily between four regular meals. No more of this 25-30g at a time for me, I'll eat 40g and...
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    Possible to inject too deep?

    If needle not all the way in it can easily move when the plunger is depressed and even though you may have aspirated it could now be in a vein. So makes sense to me to go with 1" rather than 1.5 and leave .5 out, unless you are a big dood.
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    Creatine yes or no?

    Creatine worked great for me once, after that nothing but kidney pain
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    TRT and aromasin

    Thanks Rick, and so that means an AI is healthy to take permanantely also?
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    TRT and aromasin

    Thanks for input
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    TRT and aromasin

    Am 49 and going to start TRT, what would be max test dosage before aromasin would have to be taken also?
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    Adding drol

    Speaking of cholesterol What is everyone doing for longevity? Took me 3 mo on 10mg prevastatin with evoo, oats and running to get back to normal ldl and hdl after last cycle. Does anyone take statins during cycle for prevention?
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    Rubbing Alcohol or Prep Pads

    I like 70% alcohol in a small microspray bottle and saturate the area.
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    Pre-Fill Syringe

    Some of these steroids can eat the plastic syringe if not injected soon. Have read not to preload or you are injecting plastic too.