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    8 Week Power Stack

    thanks for the heads up jp1957, in that case the stack alone should more then suffice to meet my goals (10lb muscle gain) with a caloric surplus
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    8 Week Power Stack

    thought the platinum was a bit overkill thanks for the heads up! i might follow that plan, and add a bottle of osta into my pct thanks a lot mate. Once I get the cycle underway ill keep a log with macros/calories/training schedule (im Australian so could be a couple of weeks)
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    8 Week Power Stack

    24yrs old 7 years training experience 179lb's @8-10% bodyfat Starting the 8 week power stack soon and was looking for any advice/recommendations. plan is as follows: w1-8: LGD-4033 10mg/d w1-8: RAD-140 10mg/d w1-8: S4 50mg/d depending on vision sides, S4 doses may be increased to 75mg/d after...
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    Post Cycle Therapy 101: By Dylan Gemelli

    Hey guys, first time post here. Looking to run an 8 week LGD-4033 cycle, not 100% sure when to add in my AI however. Any help is much appreciated planned cycle is as follows: CYCLE: w1-8: LGD-4033 10mg per day morning dose PCT: week9: 50mg clomid per day week10-12: 25mg clomid per day also...