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    GH and IF

    Thanks! What about the HGH?
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    GH and IF

    I want to use IF for the first time for a recomp/cut, do you guys also use it while bulking? Also, do you guys have experience with running GH and doing IF? Any difference on your inject protocol? Saw @RickRock posting a lot of usefull stuff, maybe you can help me as well :). Thanks!
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    mk677 and insulin

    Hi Guys, I see a lot of guys here recommending to use mk677 for atleast 6 months. On the other hand a lot of people say mk677 will get your insulin sensitivity down a bunch when using too long >3 months. Thoughts?
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    MK677 cycling?

    Hi, What is your opinion on cycling mk677(because of the insulin resistance). I'm thinking of running it for 3 months @30mg and then back-off for 3 months. How do you guys do it? Thanks in advance.
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    Mk-677 questions.

    Thanks for the reply's! But do you think it is beneficial to run it at 10mg ED for a longer period(since I bloat as a fucker on 25)? Since it increases GH levels almost the same as 25mg. The IGF with 25mg is a lot higher tho.
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    Mk-677 questions.

    Hi All, I have got a few questions since I read a lot of different stories/studies about mk-677. I'm currently using 10mg of mk-677 for about a week now, my goal is to use it for the benefits of skin/sleep and long term fat loss/body recomp. I'm experiencing a small bloat, will this subside...