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    Recomp stack

    Ya diet is all about trial and error to see what works for your body ie high carb,lower fat.. lower carb, higher fat.. car cycling..everyone metabolizes food differently
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    When I was on s4 I was in a pretty good deficit and single digits bf and still lifting heavy and some lifts actually went up .. my diet and all of that and peri workout nutrition is on point also. S4 can really shine but like others state you have to put in work
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    After stack

    Ya that's what I thought. Thanks
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    After stack

    So after pct is done is ok or 4 weeks after pct is over?
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    S4 side effects

    True... I love when I was on it though. Was in a deficit and stayed strong and dry , vascular
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    S4 side effects

    I dosed at 50 mg a day for 12 weeks and yes I did notice some yellow tint and eyes were sensitive when changing to different lighting but for me it wasnt to the point it was unbearable.
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    Private md labs

    Going to use them next. What test do I order. Theres so many
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    Progress Thread

    Keep at it. It takes time bud
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    Diet and cheat days

    You should restrain from cheat meals until you get consistent with diet for a while and teach yourself self control. They are not needed and if you do to keep sane its cheat meal not cheat day that turns into a binge and will most likely kill your progress for the week and you will keep spinning...
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    testosterone enanthate

    Sometimes some of these posts are so out there i think it's just people trolling but then again I go to my local gym and see these type of people and believe its true again
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    YK11 cycle

    That's great to hear.. might give it a go
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    Newbie advice

    You should always do bloods pre mid and post
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    Clean bulking with sarms

    Also when you decide to lean down again it will take way longer and it will be harder to lose the fat and in the long run will burn more of the muscle off because you have to cut for so long
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    Clean bulking with sarms

    In my opinion you should not be bulking at 16%bf. Your insulin sensitivity wont be as good so you will be putting on alot more fat with any new muscle you obtain. Its recommended you start bulking at leaner points because your body will utilize the nutrients better and out on more muscle than...
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    RickRock's ESarms/Banned nutrition log

    I do the same lol.. and before I know it 45 min is gone ��
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    Ok thanks man. I always read 100 was considered high so it freaked me out.. i felt good on it though
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    Yacwhen I took it I slept better and was able to eat ALOT, which is good bc of my metabolism but I didnt like that it spiked my fasted glucose levels to 95-105 range every day. When I came off it went back down to 75-80
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    Please help me with diet on Tren Ace?

    Yes you are right and there is alot of bro-science out there. The only advice we can give you will only be a baseline and a starting point. You need to trial and error and figure out what works for your body and what doesn't. What works for me may not work for you. I cam get away with eating...
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    Testosterone Propionate Cycle & PCT

    You are 19.. no one is EVER going to reccomend aas use. You are too young
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    how to keep TEST up on sarms cycle?

    Running test with it .. s23 is one I havent seen much about other than it being very suppressive. Dylan can answer this better