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    Dylan, how much longer till your new videos on these SARMs?????
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    YK11- newest Sarm

    Why would FDA pull the plug on them? They're for "research" not human consumption....
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    SR9009 and GW501516

    What's the countdown for the new videos coming out? Eager to hear about the sarms PE is going to come out with! lol
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    osta ... appetite suppression..bloat.. and weight loss??.

    I appreciate the feedback. I love to read the feedback on these sarms. I'm currently taking osta and GW. I don't know if I have been tired lately or if it's the sarms I'm taking but I have been sleeping like a king and I love it! I feel way more rested and energetic when I wake up. Do you think...
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    getting past the tast of sarms

    Well said. Couldn't have said it any better myself.
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    osta ... appetite suppression..bloat.. and weight loss??.

    I'm on my second day of osta and looking forward for the strength increases in the gym. I know it varies for people but how long did it for the osta kick and start to notice it in the gym? Looking forward to your updates!
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    Dosing for GW and MK

    Re: RE: Dosing for GW and MK Sounds great brother. I might order me some S4 soon and add it to my stack since I heard that's also great for strength and kicks in faster than Ostarine. Thanks for the quick response bro.
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    Dosing for GW and MK

    Just started my first dose on Ostarine and GW (both from PE) and want to make sure I'm dosing this correctly. for the MK I dosed it in the AM at half the Doppler at .5mL and GW did the whole doppler 30 min before my workout. Is this correct? This is also my first time taking Ostarine and I'm...
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    Help with lgd4033 PCT

    So glad I found this, I have same problem with being regularly drug screen from my employment. I will also go this route. So taking a strong over the counter test booster shouldn't give us a problem with our employment drug screens when we over the counter PCT?
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    Wait to take SARMs after urine drug test?

    I appreciate it, wanted some reassurance cause I can not go with out a job after just buying a house lol. I will start it tomorrow then. Im sure alcohol won't show up either right? Since the SARMs are alcohol base and it's not enough to fail the drug screen. Yall are always a lot of help with...
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    Wait to take SARMs after urine drug test?

    I know there was a recent thread about SARMs not showing up on a urine drug test and I just got my MK and GW in the mail today and eager to start it tomorrow. But I have a urine drug test next Friday for my driving at work. Should I wait to take my SARMs after the drug test to be on the safe...
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    Time off between ostarine/stack cycles

    Hey bro I hope you get the answer you're looking for but just wanted to get your feedback on Ostarine. I should be getting mine in the mail tomorrow. How was your strength in the gym while on Ostarine?
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    Tell Me About What To Look Forward To!!!

    Will you please post feedback on MK when you start to notice it working please? I ordered my MK and GW last Thursday and still waiting for it to come in the mail. Sucks the MK takes so long to kick in, I will have to learn to be patient for it to get in my system once I start taking it.
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    sarms ostarine at age 20

    I'm still waiting for my MK to come in the mail and can not wait to start taking it. How long does MK usually take to start working once you start taking it?
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    Pure Essence Ancillaries??

    I agree. I will be ready to order PCT supplies and would feel more comfortable ordering more SARMs like S4 that requires PCT. Hopefully it's all affordable prices.
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    Ostarine question before making my purchase

    Thanks for the info! Just placed my order for my MK and GW from PE. I hope it gives me the endurance, strength, and muscle gains in the gym I'm looking for. I went ahead and got the 4 week MK just in case. Any idea how long it takes for it to come in the mail?
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    Ostarine question before making my purchase

    Hello, im ready to make my ostarine purchase tonight or tomorrow but before I make my purchase from PE, I wanted yalls expertise on it first. I have never used a SARM before but have used GW before (from Sarms1). My goal is to lean out some but would really like to have more endurance and...
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    New chemical

    How soon will pure essence carry this
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    Pure Essence Triple Stack - Performance review

    Man you're getting awesome results! I'm getting ready to order ostarine and gw, hoping to getting similar results! Thanks for sharing!
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    GW-501516 standalone

    Would it be ok to take GW and S4 four weeks at a time in order to avoid PCT? Are the results still good if taken this way?